Monday, June 22, 2009

15w0d - Whirlwind peri appointment

Nothing like doing the following in 30 minutes. It was like Grand Central:

- Blood pressure, weight check (nurse)

- Discussion about how I'm doing in general (another nurse)

- Cervical check (midwife with 3rd nurse assisting)

- Providing u.rine sample (it's all me. haha.)

- Fast ultrasound check on heartbeats only (ultrasound technician)

- Consent forms and discussion about ruling out maternal cell contamination on CVS test results for Baby girl B (genetic counselor)

- Blood draw to double check CVS results (4th nurse)

- Discussion about no result on Baby C and next steps (new perinatologist)

Good news: everything is normal so far. My cervix is long and closed, which I'm utterly relieved about. It's the first-ever check after becoming pregnant, so I had no idea what to expect. Let's hope my cervix of steel holds out as this pregnancy progresses, because I'm determined to try and carry them to 32+ weeks. Maybe coming right out and saying that my goal is to carry them to 35-36 weeks is just way too ambitious, but a girl can hope.

After meeting a woman in person who is more slender than I am, about the same height, and who reached 36 weeks with her trio of 5 lb babies (who went home with her within a week!), I'm convinced it can be done.

The baby's heartbeats are 149, 153, and 142 bpm, so they're doing great too.

On the weight gain front, their records show I've only gained 7 lbs, but the midwife, who often sees triplet moms, says it will shoot up after week 20 and not to worry. She is not concerned and said as long as I'm eating healthy, eating whenever I'm hungry, and drinking enough water, I can relax!

This is such a relief, because I've been beating myself up about reaching Dr. Barbara Luke's 35lb weight gain goal by 20 weeks. It just seems impossible, regardless of how hard I try. I've been eating MUCH more than usual, and much more frequently, and some days I'm a pound or two heavier on the scale, only to get on the next morning and realize I've lost it all again. The kiddos are munching! I'm seeing the nutritionist in two weeks, and hopefully she'll help me with some additional tips too.

I've started drinking smoothies and protein shakes, but can't stand the syrupy sweet taste of the shakes. It makes me gag, but I've persisted. What have you tried and what do you recommend? I've tried Ensure, and Special K's shakes.

Our level 2 anatomy scan is scheduled for around 19 weeks, and we're hoping to find out more about our elusive Baby C then. Incidentally, I've been feeling Baby C more than the other two, and I'm just convinced he's a boy. Maybe it's just because we want a little boy in our "mix" so badly. It's as if he keeps telling me he's okay in there.

We've decided not do an amnio on Baby C between 16 to 18 weeks. With two healthy girls, a normal nuchal fold measurement on Baby C, no other risk factors aside from my age, and no family history, we don't want to risk all of their lives for yet another invasive test. It was an excruciating decision, but since an amnio and selective reduction would place all of our babies at risk (and we just can't imagine going through with a SR in the first place), there really is no point.

What would you have done if you were in my shoes?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

14w3d - The second trimester

Making it past the first trimester feels so unreal. The days and weeks have inched by more slowly than I could ever have imagined, but I am so thankful to be here, past the 100 day mark.

My next MFM appointment isn't until Monday, but remarkably, I'm feeling calm about the babies and know they're all doing fine. This is the first week that I've felt truly pregnant and not just fat and barfy, with an unwelcome bloodhound's sense of smell.

I'm sure I felt all three babies move earlier this week. A few weeks ago, I felt Baby A (closest to my cervix). It felt like teeny tiny little carbonated bubbles, and I wasn't sure it was real. It disappeared as soon as I felt it, but it was unlike anything I've ever felt before and I knew something was up. Ever since then, I've been more intently tuning into my body.

A week later, I felt a faint flutter, but it was distinct enough that it stopped me in my tracks. Hey, what was that?! I couldn't be sure. Then a few days later, it literally felt like my heart was beating in my stomach. And this week, at different times, and in different spots, I've felt flutters and movements. It's usually most noticeable when I'm lying down on my side. I guess they must be reacting to me squishing them.

Baby C was playing the banjo with his/her umbilical cord or something, because it felt like something was flicking me from the inside. Perhaps it was a foot kicking. I've never been pregnant before, and I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to feel or not feel, but my 6th sense has taken over and I just know when it's my babies.

They must be pretty cramped in there, because I know it's way early to be feeling anything at all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

14w2d - CVS news, part 2

We found out Thursday a week ago that Baby B is also a healthy girl! Hubby and I couldn't be happier knowing that we have two healthy girls.

So, our Baby A&B who have been snuggling together on the ultrasounds are indeed both girls. Wow, how amazing is it that I just knew intuitively that they are girls?

It's a bit daunting to think of raising two girls, and to think ahead to the teenage years, but at least we have some time before we get there...

Unfortunately, the chorionic villus sample from Baby C wasn't enough to culture in the lab, and we will not receive any results. Although I have this 6th sense that Baby C is perfectly fine, I'm also disappointed with the lack of information, especially given how painful it was to reach Baby C. It's hard not to feel like that was in vain. Having lived through all the waiting that IVF and pregnancy entails, I probably should have known that there'd be more waiting ahead.

I can't complain, though, we are incredibly fortunate to have three babies after infertility and I'm acutely aware of so many of my friends who continue to fight the IF battle every single day.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

12w5d - CVS news, part 1

My husband called me at work yesterday to say the genetic counselor called him with news about Baby A. All of the results came back normal, and for once, he knew something before I did. He had the chance to tell me that we're expecting a precious little baby girl! How special is that?

We are so relieved and grateful that our baby girl has no chromosomal abnormalities, and we are obviously beyond excited to know that she's a little girl. It has made this unbelievable pregnancy all the more real. Hubby has been floating on cloud 9.

A pregnant colleague of his told me by email that my husband was "glowing" all day. I thought that was both funny and adorable.

We will have to wait until next week to find out the results for Baby B and Baby C. They had the best sample for Baby A, so it's no surprise that her results came in earlier than the others.

The waiting has been very difficult, but it's comforting to know one set of results already. That will get me through the weekend...