Monday, June 22, 2009

15w0d - Whirlwind peri appointment

Nothing like doing the following in 30 minutes. It was like Grand Central:

- Blood pressure, weight check (nurse)

- Discussion about how I'm doing in general (another nurse)

- Cervical check (midwife with 3rd nurse assisting)

- Providing u.rine sample (it's all me. haha.)

- Fast ultrasound check on heartbeats only (ultrasound technician)

- Consent forms and discussion about ruling out maternal cell contamination on CVS test results for Baby girl B (genetic counselor)

- Blood draw to double check CVS results (4th nurse)

- Discussion about no result on Baby C and next steps (new perinatologist)

Good news: everything is normal so far. My cervix is long and closed, which I'm utterly relieved about. It's the first-ever check after becoming pregnant, so I had no idea what to expect. Let's hope my cervix of steel holds out as this pregnancy progresses, because I'm determined to try and carry them to 32+ weeks. Maybe coming right out and saying that my goal is to carry them to 35-36 weeks is just way too ambitious, but a girl can hope.

After meeting a woman in person who is more slender than I am, about the same height, and who reached 36 weeks with her trio of 5 lb babies (who went home with her within a week!), I'm convinced it can be done.

The baby's heartbeats are 149, 153, and 142 bpm, so they're doing great too.

On the weight gain front, their records show I've only gained 7 lbs, but the midwife, who often sees triplet moms, says it will shoot up after week 20 and not to worry. She is not concerned and said as long as I'm eating healthy, eating whenever I'm hungry, and drinking enough water, I can relax!

This is such a relief, because I've been beating myself up about reaching Dr. Barbara Luke's 35lb weight gain goal by 20 weeks. It just seems impossible, regardless of how hard I try. I've been eating MUCH more than usual, and much more frequently, and some days I'm a pound or two heavier on the scale, only to get on the next morning and realize I've lost it all again. The kiddos are munching! I'm seeing the nutritionist in two weeks, and hopefully she'll help me with some additional tips too.

I've started drinking smoothies and protein shakes, but can't stand the syrupy sweet taste of the shakes. It makes me gag, but I've persisted. What have you tried and what do you recommend? I've tried Ensure, and Special K's shakes.

Our level 2 anatomy scan is scheduled for around 19 weeks, and we're hoping to find out more about our elusive Baby C then. Incidentally, I've been feeling Baby C more than the other two, and I'm just convinced he's a boy. Maybe it's just because we want a little boy in our "mix" so badly. It's as if he keeps telling me he's okay in there.

We've decided not do an amnio on Baby C between 16 to 18 weeks. With two healthy girls, a normal nuchal fold measurement on Baby C, no other risk factors aside from my age, and no family history, we don't want to risk all of their lives for yet another invasive test. It was an excruciating decision, but since an amnio and selective reduction would place all of our babies at risk (and we just can't imagine going through with a SR in the first place), there really is no point.

What would you have done if you were in my shoes?


Eve said...

Oh how exciting! Gosh, I've been away for a long time here...I can't believe how far along you are now!!!! I only carried a singleton with my pregnancy but had hyperemisis (severe morning sickness). My hubby bought me these ensure for pregnant women drinks...and they were so horribly sweet I would gag if I tried to drink them.

My OB suggested just regular milkshakes or smoothies. They're still calorie packed...and you could always add a little of your own 'protein' powder for good measure. I also could stomach Edy's double vanilla ice cream...and tried to eat a bowl a night. I also ate as much peanut butter as I could, since I couldn't eat much meat.

GL!!! I hope you get to 35-36 weeks! You're doing all the right things!

Nichole said...

So glad to hear everything is going well. Honestly, I am not sure EXACTLY what I would do if I were in your shoes, but I am pretty certian I would have done the SAME THING you did. SR is not an option for me either so really what is the point of putting the babies at risk?

I have a neice with Downs Syndrome and I wouldn't change her for the world!

Karen said...

Just drink regular shakes if you like them. If you're eating well and taking a prenatal, there's no reason for Ensure or other fortified drinks. Eat high-calorie, high-fat foods in between meals.

Anonymous said...

I've found this site useful since I've tried to start a more natural diet - they have a good section on diet for pregnant and nursing mothers that might give you some ideas.

Remember, not everyone gains the same amount of weight so don't beat yourself up too much! You're doing everything you can to ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies, so you're doing great :).

Lorza said...

I am glad you are doing so well! That is a lot done in a short amount of time. I think nutrition wise, you are doing good. You are making wise choices such as the ensure shakes, etc. It has got to be hard finding nutritious high calorie foods. I mean, you could eat a ton of donuts, but that doesn't mean the same thing!! :)

I bet that is a hard choice to make on whether or not to get more tests done on baby c. I would probably be like you- just wait. This is where the question does the benefit outweigh the risk. Are you going to reduce the prenancy if there is something "wrong" with baby C? Yes, it is good to know b/c then they can have proper equipment available on delivery, etc. etc....but hopefully they will have three isolettes, three teams, three code carts anyways- most deliveries of this kind do anyways. (I used to work Neonatal ICU and go to high risk/multiple deliveries)

Things like this, I think you have to go with your gut (HA HA, No pun intended!).

Good luck chickie! I SO GLAD things are going so well for you!

Carrie said...

Whew! That was a whirlwind appointment. I had one like that yesterday, but they did an early anatomy scan so the whole thing was three hours! I needed a nap after!

I think your choice makes a ton of sense, really. You know your risk factors and they all seem really low. We would make the same choice, I am sure. Glad you are feeling so good!

As for carrying them- we are going to 35 weeks, baby! I know we can do it... we have great medical care and will make it happen, right? Babies, are you listening?

Love your updates! I will blog about my appointment later, too.

Hugs to you and all three!

poppy.f.seed said...

Hurrah for a good appt,!!!
I wouldn't go for any more tests, either, for similar reasons.

Erin said...

I make my own smoothies in the morning and are SO much better.
I use 1 cup of milk, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (available at whole foods or other natural store), a scoop of smooth, all-natural (no sugar added) peanut butter, 1/2 frozen banana, and a cup of frozen or fresh berries (I like strawberries and/or blueberries). IT is a super nutritious start to your day, is naturally sweet, cold and refreshing and packed with protein to support those growing babies. ENJOY!

Alex said...

Good luck, I sure hope you reach your goal! I know a mom of trips that went to almost 38 weeks!!! Its doable, stay optomistic!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow 15 Weeks Already! I am stunned how time is flying by! All sounds perfectly good and exciting. The Level 2 scans are very interesting because they go into so much detail and you'll really get a good look at how things are doing. I found it also helped me to really grasp the reality of carrying a baby - and I began to feel more attached and excited. There are the elusive risks...however, one cannot control life...can make decisions based on the best of intentions, however in the end - what will be will be....and here's to continue to pray and hope for the very best outcome for the 5 of you'll.

Love S

Anonymous said...

Great update!!! It has to be hard, facing decisions like that on a regular basis - you sound like you are doing a great job!

Chelle said...

When you said that all that happened in 30 minutes, I felt the need to read incredibly fast! haha! That is one heck of an appointment!

As far as the amnio on baby C, I would have done the same as you.

With your drive and motivation, I bet you WILL make it to 35-36 weeks! YOU GO GIRL!! (I can't pull that off in person, but I thought I'd try in text. haha)

mekate said...

Happy news all around, I am so glad you ALL are doing well. I think your decisions seem sane and fair-- no need to second guess yourself. All indications are that things are great, I'd just go with that. How nice to have some reassurance about the weight. I think becoming focused on a specific number by a specific time would cause major stress-- I'd let it happen. Find some good alternatives that do not make you gag, hope the nutritionist helps with that-- and

Good luck with everything!

Ms. Perky said...

I threw out the Barbara Luke book. It's a big ball of guilt, that book. It basically tells you that if you don't gain weight, you don't love your babies, which is crap. I lost 30 pounds while I was pregnant - I couldn't keep any food down until I was 30 weeks pregnant (and then there was no space left for food!), but my doctor was never concerned - he said as long as the babies were growing appropriately, that was the best measurement of how things were going. They did make me take additional prenatals, because the babies were clearly taking my "reserves", but beyond that, they just told me to do my best and stay hydrated (fortunately, after the first trimester, I *was* able to stay hydrated).

My perinatologist *usually* delivers triplets at 34.5 weeks, because he says that after that the cost/benefit ratio of staying in longer breaks down, because the placentas tend to degrade. I do know plenty of women who have made it to 35/36 weeks with perfect beautiful babies who have even GONE HOME WITH THEM (no NICU time). And plenty of women who delivered at 32-34 weeks with healthy perfect babies. I delivered at 33 weeks with healthy (though one IUGR) babies who spent a month in the NICU. Ultimately, they were fine and perfect and are now thriving almost-two year olds. You are quite correct - it CAN be done. You'll be great!

As for the amnio, I tend to agree with you - all indications are that you have a very low risk and no reason to proceed with the amnio which could present additional risks to your pregnancy. If you had more red flags than just your age, I would recommend careful consultation with your perinatologist, but if age is your ONLY risk factor, I would leave things alone.

Good luck with everything. I'm thinking of you, and I'm here if you need anything.

Mo and Will said...

Wow! That DOES sound like a whirlwind appt. Sounds like you're doing GREAT!!! As for what I would do...I have no idea. But what you're saying makes perfect sense to me. Why risk it for them all again? Hopefully you'll get some peace of mind during the anatomy scan.