Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Ada is home!

We brought our precious little Ms Ada home with us tonight. It is an indescribable feeling to know she's sleeping soundly in the next room. We are so excited to have her home and can't wait for her sisters to join her.

Before Ada was discharged, we were able to hold all three of our babies together for the first time. They were all moved to one area of the NICU two days ago, but since Julia and Emma are still on nasal cannulas, and Julia is still receiving hyperal and intralipids through her IV, it has been impossible to hold them all together. We've spent plenty of 1:1 time with each of them, though.

Julia and Emma are both drinking 20 ml of breastmilk every three hours. Emma pulled her IV out and even though she didn't quite get to the 24 ml of breast milk threshold, the neonatologist opted to wean her from the hyperal and intralipids early. She's done phenomenally well and has leapfrogged Julia. The prediction at this point is Emma might be coming home later next week.

Julia has had a few setbacks and is back under the phototherapy lights. There have been a few dsats today that she didn't recover from by herself, so she is still receiving oxygen and Vapotherm (4 litres). The neonatologist predicted she may be in the NICU for another couple of weeks.


BB said...

You daughters are pretty strong... they all will be home soon enjoying each others company!

My Endo Journey said...

Wow, you've been through a lot. What a trooper!!! So glad one of your beautiful baby girls is home and praying for everyone to be together soon!

Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW.....Your little three-somes are a healthy bundle! Little Ada home within 2 weeks - you GO GIRLS! Excellent news! Must be good to have some spacing between the babies coming home to give you some time to get yourselves into some kind of teeny baby-care rhythm! By the time Emma and Julia join Ada, you'll be an old hand at being mommy already. I am astonished and trust that you'll be visiting your pediatrician regularly for those early day check-ups. Will any of the girls receive synergis? Don't panic....not all NICU babies get it and all circumstances differ....Miss A was in the NICU for 6 weeks going on 7 so I am delighted you have one babe home for Thanksgiving and hopefully the other two will either squeeze in for the celebration or shortly thereafter! Still pumping for Ada....or having you managed to get the breast-feeding going with her? Do send some pics soon. Hugs to all....need a good one to one catch up when time permits *HA HA HA* Do you have extra pairs of hands lined up at home?

Lots a Hugs

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Ada is home! It's super the other girls are progressing. Sorry to hear Julia had some set backs, sounds like she's a little fighter tho!

Really great news. Thanks for sharing with us.

Carrie said...

SOOO wonderful! An amazing feeling, yes? So very happy for your family. Welcome home, sweet girl! I am sure her sisters are NOT far behind.


Jules said...

Congratulations on having Ada home.
It's a fantastic feeling isn't it.
Can't wait to hear when Julia & Emma are coming home to.

Re photo therapy, my boys took it in turns. One day we would go in & R was under, the next it was A & so on.

Anonymous said...

So glad she is home! Hope the other two are quick to follow :)

The Patterson's said...

How did I miss this??? So excited for you that Ada is home! Can't wait to hear when the other two girls are home, too.

Michele said...

Yay for Ada!!! Cant wait til all 3 are home!