Sunday, February 28, 2010

On a roll!

Our little "middle" monkey is on a roll. This morning, Julia flipped herself from stomach to back. We didn't witness this incredible milestone, but I placed her on her stomach, changed her sister's diaper and when I returned, she was lying on her back with her head against the crib railing. So either she flipped herself over, or the aliens surreptitiously took her for a spin in their UFO.

**Edited on March 14 to add**
Our littlest pixie rolled over yesterday. She is one strong little peanut despite being way lighter than her sisters. She has struggled the most with reflux, and is lagging in weight, length and head circumference, but hit this milestone on her 3 month adjusted age "birthday." Not too shabby, my itty bitty baby. Emma is such a cutie - she's our very talkative, friendly, happy baby. Whenever she gets overtired or fed up with the reflux, she makes these babbling moaning sounds. Not crying, not grating on the soul, just a sad moan moan moan that sounds like "auwa auwa auwa." It melts my heart and makes we want to just rescue her and hold her tight.

We're still waiting for our beautiful firstborn chunky monkey to surprise us!


The Patterson's said...

Go Julia!! So exciting!

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Megs said...

Yay!! So exciting :)

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Tam said...

Just checking in to find out how your little darlings are doing! Thanks for the support on my blog, it does mean a lot.

I think of your story often when I think of our approaching GIFT. I'm very scared of anthing more than twins but somehow I know that we'll get thru whatever we're dealt this time around!!