Sunday, June 13, 2010

Checking in at the doctor's office

Being a triplet momma often elicits big reactions from strangers. Even without my kids present. I've gotten used to the idea of having triplets. As used to it as is possible, I guess, because it does still feel weird to use the word, "triplets." I just think of them as my 3 children, born minutes apart.

So there I was, presenting myself to the receptionist at the doctor's office. She asks me all the usual questions to confirm my identity. "My personal information is unchanged and my insurance number is the same. But there are a few new names on the card, in case you wanted to scan it again."

I hand over the insurance card.

She: Which name is new?
Me: There are 3 new names - my babies.
She: Wait. What?
Me: I have triplets.
She: YOU had triplets?
Me: Yes.
She: YOU?
Me: Yes. Almost 8 months ago now.
She (incredulous as she sizes me up): You BIRTHED them yourself?
Me (smiling): I did.
She (now elbowing her colleague to share her disbelief): Hey, SHE (pointing at me) had T.R.I.P.L.E.T.S?! Can you believe it?!

Now I have all 6 employees behind the window staring up at me, asking questions simultaneously. I answer them all, and then drift away on a cloud of ego-stroked bliss.


Anonymous said...

I got the same reaction when I was still pregnant with all 3 babies. I'm still proud that I had 3 growing, but so sad 1 passed on. Even now, when I talk about having my twins I make sure they know they had a brother and his name was Brandon. I think it's a "Pat on the back" worthy thing to have carried and birthed triplets. I feel overwhelmed sometimes with my twins, Is 3 over the top sometimes? I wish My son hadn't died in the womb. I think now I could have handled 3. 2 is over whelming but I still have energy left. =)

Lili said...

Hi What If

I just wanted to say how wonderful your blog is, I am on my 2WW after Day 3 ET on my 2nd IVF and was googling success stories and yours was just so inspirational I've just read the whole thing from your ET onwards. Huge congratulations on your beautiful girls, they really do sound like the light of your life.

Lisa xxx

What IF? said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks so much - your comment means a lot to me. I'll be thinking of you during the torturous 2WW and hoping for the best possible outcome. So glad you found your way to my blog.

I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but couldn't access the comments section. I do hope you check back here. Good luck!