Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

The kids make me laugh out loud a bazillion times a day with their witty observations and funny sayings. Sometimes they'll apply knowledge to a completely new circumstance with hilarious results. Or mispronounce something and be unintentionally funny.

They're also starting to say rather embarrassing things when we're out in public, which I'm sure will only intensify as the months go by.

Hooray for talkative 2-year olds. As you can tell by these quotes, it's been a lot of fun lately.

-- May sayings --

Ada's recap of a friend's 3rd birthday party, "I rode the roller toaster. Fast. Many times."

An older gentleman brought his granddaughter to the play area. Emma immediately noticed his black eyepatch and said (loudly), "The grandpa is wearing an eyepatch." I said, "Yes, yes, he is" while trying to think how best to respond and explain. Before I could get another word out, Julia shouts from across the play area, "He must be a pirate!"

Driving around the other day, Julia said to the oncoming traffic, "Truck, please give us space!" (She says this to her sisters when they bug her.)

We were admiring dogs at the dog park, when Emma looked at her sisters approvingly and said, "We're a pack of sisters." This one makes me feel all warm and fuzzy everytime I think of it.

Julia was batting her eyelids and said, "My eyes are feathering."

Ada, "Hooray! Mamma back from libwawy. New books. So 'cited (excited)." May it forever be this easy to bring joy to my children.

Julia is singing, "Little red caboose chug chug chug..." Emma says, "Julia, can you sing quietly?"

One of the little people passed gas. "Oh, that was a loud burp. Say 'scuse me!" says Julia to her sister, who shall remain unnamed.

Julia was pretend playing with a little plastic dinosaur and I overheard her say in a funny voice as if the dino is talking: "I'm a dinosaur. I can poop in the wild." We're not potty training yet, because I want to wait until after we move. However, there's been lots of conversations about animals and humans, and who does what where.

-- April sayings --

Trio in the bathtub filled with bubbles and Julia says, "Let's have a snowball fight!" I nixed the fun just as she smeared a handful of "snow" over Emma's face, and Ada simultaneously targeted Julia's eyes. Cue chaos!

Julia is jumping and falling in their play tent, surrounded by soft toys. I ask, "What are you doing?" She says, "I'm rocking and rolling" as she takes a tumble.

At bedtime, a friend asked Emma what she plans to dream about. "Old hat, new hat?" asks my friend, based on The Berenstain Bear book they just read. "Chocolate," answers Emma emphatically.

-- February --

Kids are waking up, chatting in the nursery. I'm standing in the hallway, just listening. I hear, "No way!" from Julia. "No way!" says Ada. "Yes way!" says Emma.

There have been many, many more, but I'm usually too busy to write them all down.

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