Sunday, May 17, 2009

8w4d - First perinatologist visit

We had a 3-hour consult at the perinatologist. First, a nurse checked my weight (eek!) and blood pressure (low, as always), and then we had an opportunity to see our babies on the ultrasound. Aside from my bladder almost exploding, it was a wonderful experience. Imagine my surprise when the u/s tech had me lie down with *all* my clothes on. Abdominal ultrasound - what a concept!

The three little peanuts are all growing strong and still measuring exactly on target. Even though they are each in their own sac, two of them seem to be very close in proximity in my uterus, gestational age, heart rate, etc. Since the week 5 ultrasound when we only saw the sacs it almost looked like twins and a singleton. On every u/s since then, the two heartbeats and gestational ages have matched exactly, with the one little bean a day ahead, in a slightly larger sac (nothing to be concerned about, according to the doctor). Their CRL is about 2 cm now. The u/s tech said it out loud, "It almost looks like you're having twins and a singleton." My thoughts exactly. I'm wondering if the two little ones that are so consistently matching are one gender. I like to think that the big one is a little boy, and that the other two are little girls.

Oh, I love my new OB! She's a perinatologist (a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist) who has tons of experience with multiples and other high-risk pregnancy experience. She also specializes in prenatal and postpartum mood disorders which are more common among moms of multiples.

She is about my age (mid-thirties), completed her specialty in NYC, and is very level-headed. I liked her candid and realistic, but also optimistic approach. Best of all: she is pregnant herself and due this summer so she certainly "gets" it. :) Her colleague(s) at the perinatology center will take over my care for the 12 weeks that she is on maternity leave, but she will be back by the time my delivery approaches.

Oh, and she said "You're young, healthy, slim..." (Did I mention I LOVE her?!) "...and you should have a really good outcome." The average triplet age at delivery is around 31 weeks. She is more inclined to have me go on disability earlier "no work/modified bedrest" rather than strict/hospital bedrest (unless complications occur).

She said the latest research shows that cerclages aren't always successful in preventing preterm labor with triplets, that I should aim to gain between 50-76 lbs (gulp!) and to just take it easy. I may not see her for every visit unless I experience complications, as they try their best to "normalize" triplet pregnancies, so I may see their nurse midwives, who are used to dealing with multiples, in between. I'm looking forward to things feeling "normal" for a change - and less medical. It's also reassuring to know the high-risk care is there if I need it.

In the waiting room, we met a mom with a 7-day old newborn who had a high-risk pregnancy. She shared her labor experience and impression of the hospital's L&D unit where I will deliver. It was a really positive, firsthand account and helped ease my mind about the personalized care they offer.

She said the nurses were amazing and she had the same nurse care for both her and her infant. Even though her son was in the NICU for awhile, when he was released from the level 3 NICU, he could stay with her in her room for as long as she wanted. If she wanted to sleep at night, they would take him, but it was on her terms. The food was great, and they have wi-fi. Yay, all my questions were answered in one afternoon. I was exhausted - and famished! - after the long visit, and fell asleep in the car on way home. Blissfully happy.


My Endo Journey said...

WOW-it's so amazing! I am looking forward to following you during this journey. It's so exciting!!!

Emmy said...

I'm glad the new doc is good! That always helps! Yay for a good appointment!

Carrie said...

Oh I am so glad it went well! I owe you an email, but like you I am so freaking tired all the time, I just cannot get myself together! I did find some cute triplet t-shirts that we both need. :)

I am really glad you've found a positive and experienced MFM. I left mine, as you did, happy and encouraged. YAY!

Happy Sunday!


Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Everything sound s like it is going along Great:) I'm so excited for you!!

Jennifer said...

WOW What an awesome visit :)
I am soooo excited for you :) :)

Mommy of a miracle said...

So exciting! I am glad things are going so good.

Lorza said...

WOO HOO!! WiFi at the hospital. What else do you need?!?!? LOL! I am so glad that everything is going so well for you girl!

I am glad you are getting to feel "normal". You deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear about your positive experience with your perinatologist. We are expecting triplets and our perinatologist is very negative even though our babies look great on 11week ultrasound. We are in NJ, near NYC. Where is your awesome perinatologist?!

What IF? said...

Dear Anonymous, please send me an email to ginnegaap (at) yahoo dot com and I'll send you the peri info directly.