Friday, May 01, 2009

Pregnancy symptoms: fast and furious, to the 3rd degree

I had an "oh my gosh, this is real" moment this morning. It was 4:30 and I woke up from the nausea. My stomach was growling. So there I was, making oatmeal and practically inhaling it to get it into my stomach before I throw up. It hit me: I'm so very, incredibly, joyously pregnant.

Two nights ago, dinner consisted of pickled Harvard beets and avocado. Not quite pickles and ice cream, but equally bizarre. It was beyond delicious. You should try it. Really.

My body has been hijacked by three little peanuts who are already ruling my life. (Yes, I know, I should get used to it!)

They tell me:
- when to eat (now!)
- what to eat (fruit & veg only, thank you very much)
- what not to eat ( that's an order. don't even look at it!)
- when to sleep (now!)
- how much to sleep (all the time)
- when to drink water (now!)
- how much water to drink (all.the.time except when it makes me nauseous, which is all the time too)
- what not to smell (dog food, smoke, food cooking, perfume, deodorant, cleaning solutions.)

I'm a carnivore, but the thought of coming near red meat makes my stomach churn now. I've been sticking to chicken, but that routine is getting old fast. I'm a self-admitted chocoholic, but it seems suddenly toxic.

Oh, what a strange trip this is.


poppy.f.seed said...

I have had such similar feelings. I usually love water and now I just gulp it down instead of savoring it(just to drink b/c I know I should). Oh, my friend suggested cream of what(has a lot of iron) and that has been a great morning '1st breakfast' :)

Carrie said...

I love all your symptoms! I have never felt this sick during pregnancy (although today is better, and freaking me out), but I agree aobut all the aversions to smell, meat and chocolate. I used to eat a good amount of candy every day and now, it sounds awful!

I am so excited that the trips are making their presence known! I cannot wait to see ours again- we have an ultrasound on Monday with an MFM doc. Do you have an appt soon?

Thinking of you!

Sara said...

Sounds incredibly similar to my symptoms! (although I only have a singleton).

Dog's food moved into the spare bedroom. Can't even touch meat and love fruits and veggies. This baby is DEMANDING sleep and puking time equally, lol!

Good luck, it DOES get easier! I didn't believe it, but it really does!

My Endo Journey said...

A beautifully strange trip! :)

Mommy of a miracle said...

Welcome to being pregnant! Pregnancy symptoms can be so annoying, but man is it worth it!

Lorza said...

Your little peanuts are outnumbering you already. :) Good luck girl! The image of you inhaling oatmeal just to throw up is classic. I am so verrrry verrrry happy for you.


Anonymous said...

Hee's hitting you! With Amelia I could not face meat of any kind nor salads...but did not have any specific cravings for anything.....until after the I crave everything and anything.....must be the sleep deprivation or just being a busy mommy! Well, now I am sure you're having greater appreciation of the tasks of WOMANHOOD more than's tough I tell you....but wonderful all at the same time. Sleep when you can (really I'm sure you've heard this a zillion times already...and it will continue....)....just glow and enjoy. Catch up soon.


mekate said...

strange trip indeed!
I hate the taste of water unless it is warm or daisani-- it is the weirdest thing ever. Love the fact you are indeed fully and truly and deliriously pregnant.

Jennifer said...

It is all well worth it in the end :) God bless your little ones and you :)