Monday, July 06, 2009

17w0d - Preliminary news about Baby C

The anatomy scan is next Friday at 18w4d, but we practically begged the sonographer to take a peek at all three babies today. Fortunately, she wasn't too busy, and she checked heartbeats (all good) before proceeding to look for girl or boy parts (at our request). It's been 5 long weeks since the CVS procedure, so we're chomping at the bit to know more about our 3rd little munchkin.

It seems my Dh will need an addition on the shed or a man cave, because our elusive Baby C "also looks like a girl!" So, if you haven't been following closely, let's recap: Baby A is a girl! Baby B is a girl! Baby C is possibly a girl! We'll know for sure after the anatomy scan, but in the meantime, we're delighted either way.

The maternal fetal cell contamination study on Baby B came back negative, meaning they didn't accidentally run the chromosomal tests on my DNA. So we know for sure that Baby A and Baby B are chromosomally normal girls.

We have decided not to pursue an amnio for Baby C, and I thank each and every one of you for weighing in on what you would have done in my shoes. It's really been comforting to read your thoughts on the matter.

The rest of the news is that my fundal height is now 21 cm, the equivalent of a 22 week pregnancy if I was carrying a singleton. Unfortunately, my cervix is measuring only 2.5, which is "at the lower end of normal" according to the peri. The good news is that there's no funneling or dilation. They'll measure it again next week to be sure it's not shortening.


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I have two sisters and I love having that sister bond with them. Girls rock!!!! I hope that your cervix straightens up and flies right.

Carrie said...

ALL GIRLS! We are the perfect compliment to one another. I am so happy for you guys- three healthy babies. WOO HOO!

It sounds like your doc is monitoring your cervix closely. Can't wait to hear about your next visit!

Anonymous said...

Wow, H...when are you going to post some preggie pictures (of the tummy)....surely you must be showing something by now? I CANNOT believe how fast time flies....Lordy you could be a mommy in less that two months (hopefully not quite that soon....however, it is a possibility). It is incredible what medicine does achieve.

Ok no shortage on Baby Girl Stuff....just let me know how "suspicious" you are as to when you'd consider taking in "hand-me-downs" some of which are brand new! (May have to do it in dribs and drabs) - either way - set up a registry @ babiesrus or buy buy baby and post your link (via email) ....I know that is a tough call, just need to think positively and believe all is going as it will. Been thinking of how you are going to organize the munchkins? Well when you have the time (HA HA) please email or call - I have tried to call a few times....but have not had much success...I guess you're in a whirl wind. By the way is Radar a Boy or Girl? If so there is hope for DH.

PS....We did not do an Amnio with Amelia - so understand your feelings completely and you're a youngling still so ek sal die duime vas hou, hoor!

The Patterson's said...

Wow! 3 girls!! How awesome! Congrats!!

Chelle said...

Three girls!! How wonderful!!


GS said...

how exciting...hoping that cervix sticks it out..

I was at a twin u/s last week and I think she was at 2 with funnelling and she is 27 weeks.

You are doing a awesome job of carryiong your 3 sweet miracles!

Tam said...

Oh my word, that is so exciting!! 3 girls, Daddy's gonna have to get that shot-gun!!

I'm hoping and praying that your cervic shortening doesn't become too much of a problem too early!

mekate said...

I am still astonished at your tripletness, and so happy everything is going well. here;'s hoping your cervix stays where it is. And I bet you look farther along then you are! Goodness, you have a lot going on in there! I love hearing things are going well and am thinking of you lots.
sending warm thoughts your way