Thursday, July 16, 2009

18w3d - The night before the anatomy scan

This is the most exciting, petrifying journey of my life. I'm sure the emotions will only intensify as the weeks progress and after the babies arrive.

Tomorrow, we find out if my cervix is still at 2.5 cm or whether it is shortening. Very scary. We also hope to see our babies in more detail. So exciting. We have only had heartbeat checks since the 12 week mark, and a quick scan to guess at genders two weeks ago, but no other measurements or details. With tomorrow's level II scan, we hope to get confirmation of Baby C's gender, and to take a look at how their lengths have increased and how their organs have formed. I can't wait to see our babies again.

Since triplets are considered full term around 36 weeks, we're pretty much halfway now. Wow, the time is flying by. The babies have had several growth spurts recently as evidenced by my belly growing by the day. Several of my colleagues have commented in recent days, some more tactfully than others.

"Jeez, you're getting big." Why, thank you.

"Your ankles are already starting to change." Ahem, so glad you noticed.

"I can't imagine how huge you'll be when I get back from my 2-week vacation." Yeah, well.

I've also had the sweetest comments about my maternity clothes, how great I look despite how exhausted I must be, how beautiful the belly is, how I'm surprisingly small for someone who is expecting triplets (keep lying to me, I love it), and so on. My colleagues keep bringing me food, too. Their concern is genuine, and even though some of the comments are less tactful than others, I know they are excited for me, and mean well.

I've started feeling the babies move much more frequently over the past week or two. Two nights ago, Baby C was having a party in my uterus, and Dh could feel the movement for the very first time. It was magical. No real kicks yet, but the twitches are definitely all baby. Dh hasn't felt the other two babies yet.

I can't imagine 6 little feet kicking me a few weeks from now! Last night brought another vivid dream of Baby C. This time one little foot was making a very visible, protruding "footprint" underneath my skin. The little munchkin showed his beautiful face to me in my dream again. I keep dreaming that Baby C is a boy, despite what the u/s tech said two weeks ago. It's weird. It's freaking me out a little more than it should, since I've often had predictive dreams. We'd be delighted with whatever the confirmed gender of Baby C is, but I guess my subconscious won't believe it until I see distinct boy/girl parts on the ultrasound myself.

When I was four, I dreamed my mother was pregnant with a little boy (before she told me I would have a kid brother.) My mom was pretty flabbergasted that I knew about her accidental pregnancy (at age 38 despite all sorts of contraception!) before she told me.

Yes, the irony of my mom's fertility compared to mine, does not escape me. I had always hoped to get pregnant in my thirties like my mom, and was scared that I had waited too long and wouldn't be able to conceive with Stage 4 Endo, even with IVF. Apparently the joke's on me.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Sending prayers and good thoughts for tomorrow... I'm glad that all is going well!

K said...

Amazing that you are half way there. Sounds like everything is going well...congrats. I like your dream stories, BTW.

The Patterson's said...

Hope the scan goes great today!!

Lorza said...

I am glad you are doing, thinking of 6 feet kicking you is a little daunting huh? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!! I can't wait to hear of your visit! would you post some pics?

Alyssa said...

How do you know which baby is kicking you? Is it possible the babies moved and one is kicking you that you thought was another?

Chelle said...

I am happy that you get to see the babies tomorrow (today acutally)!! Can't wait for an update!

Carrie said...

Cannot wait for an update! Hang in there cervix- and I hope your babies cooperate so you get lots of good looks at them! :)

My Endo Journey said...

Hope it went well today!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and I hope today's test brought good news.

mekate said...

Hope the scan was wonderful today and all the questions you wanted to have answered were answered. And oh to see the little ones! How exciting. And
I love that your sweetie got to feel the movement, that must be so magical.

Your co-workers kind of made me laugh- I am glad you can see that they mean well even if they are bumbling.

Happy happy halfway point
I hope today was just grand.