Thursday, August 20, 2009

23w3d - The viability countdown has begun

On Monday I'll be 24 weeks along and celebrating the first of many survival milestones. Viability is generally believed to begin around 24-25 weeks. Although micropreemies born at this stage often face lifelong challenges, they do have a shot at survival with prolonged intensive care. Since babies born before 23 weeks often don't survive, I'm looking forward to crossing the 24-week threshold.

I'm obviously aiming for 28... 32... and ultimately 35 weeks gestation to give our girls the best possible start in life, but I also realize that much of this is beyond my control.

At most, I have about 11-12 weeks or 85 days to go.


Anonymous said...

Holding them thumbs - all looks good and I trust you go as far as you wish and that the trips don't have a prolonged NICU stay. As you say this is all beyond your control. I felt the same way with A - although I knew that around 24 weeks if I had baby baby could potentially survive but I did not know what the odds were so when she did arrive early I was panicked. At least you have done your homework - which can only put your mind/anxieties somewhat to rest. Saying them prayers and that you have preemies and not Micro-preemies....they are teeny weeny! Does the hospital you are going to deliver at have classes? Show you the Nicu so you can get an idea of what to expect? Might be worth asking the perinatologist. That said Miss A at 3 lbs in Nov 08 is now a whopping 23 lbs, healthy and content...wearing 18 month dresses....and rapidly blowing up daily...apparently preemies do progress physically well generally. Miss A is teething at the moment...I do hope this is staggered for you! Again, certain things cannot be controlled. Will get the box in the mail soon.... :) Yay! Saying them Prayers. Miss Amelia's mommy!

Michele said...

YAY! I remember the feeling of relief at 24w, even knowing that twins dont fare as well as 24w singles usually and that we needed to get farther (need to get farther, I should say!) But each day gets easier and easier after that point because you know that they can do "something" if labor cant be stopped.

Congrats on getting one day closer to "V" Day!

Lorza said...

I just can't get over how far along you are! That is amazing girl! As an ex-Neonatal ICU nurse it is crazy how many micropreemies are born and what they can do for them.

I would never EVER want that for- I am praying for the opposite as you know. Just saying to give you some more peace.

At most 85 more days huh? Wow. HOW FLIPPIN' COOL!!!!

Chelle said...

You're getting there-and doing so good!

Stacie said...

Been lurking for a while, but I wanted to come out to say yeah for nearing 24 weeks!

It is crazy to think that you only have 85 days left!

mekate said...

Wonderful milestone to be closing in on, and Yes a huge relief--
I am holding out for 30+ thankyouverymuch,
and am so glad you are doing so well and that your girls are thriving!

warm wishes to you,

Anonymous said...

That is great news - I am hoping for another 85 days!