Saturday, August 29, 2009

24w5d - Time to go slow

I've been having contractions more frequently, and mostly in the late afternoon and evening after a day at the office. "It's time to stop working," the perinatologist said. For once, even the workaholic in me knows she's right. I've been expecting those words and didn't fight them, but it still came as a shock since I've been doing pretty great.

She wants me to lie down (hard to do when you're at the office) and drink plenty of water whenever I feel a contraction. If I'm having more than four an hour, feel "different" or if the contractions are becoming more painful, I should call and go to L&D. "I have a very low threshold for admitting high risk patients." (Read: you've been warned.)

We discussed meds to control contractions, preterm labor, and other concerns. Basically, the next few weeks (through 28 weeks) are critical. I already knew that, but it was important for my peri to reinforce that while reassuring me that things are still looking good.

My cervix is now at 2.3 cm, but still stable despite the more frequent contractions. Phew.

My wonderful boss will allow me to work from home for as long as I want or can keep up, and then I can start scaling back my hours over the course of the next month or so. This works great, because I need to wrap up a few projects to make things easier for everyone at work, I need the mental stimulation, and it will definitely make the time pass faster than staring at the walls and feeling caged in. Besides, disability benefits suck and with triplets on the way, we need the money.

Our baby girls are doing great. Their next measurements will be in two weeks' time, but we did get a quick heartbeat check:

Baby A: 138 bpm
Baby B: 142 bpm
Baby C: 143 bpm

My fundal height is now at 36 cm, the equivalent of 36 weeks gestation with a singleton. The nurse practitioner measured me three times, because she couldn't believe it had increased 6 cm since she measured me two weeks ago. The girls are indeed growing, which makes us really happy.

Baby C is pressing on my lungs, so that would explain why I've been struggling to breathe. I'm at the point now where I pant just from walking a few feet, I can't stand more than a few minutes at a time and it feels like I'm constantly gasping for air as I'm trying to catch a good, deep breath. Having a conversation leaves me breathless and exhausted. It's pretty funny, actually, and I keep reminding myself that this is only the beginning of the "uncomfortable" phase. It will get a whole lot worse before it gets better, and that's okay. I know it's temporary.

It only takes one baby kick to remind me that this pregnancy is still the most miraculous event in my life. Ever.


The Patterson's said...

It's pretty amazing you made it this far working full-time! Also nice that you'll be able to work a little from home to keep your mind busy and to stay connected. Hope the next few weeks go quickly and week 28 gets here before you know it! :-)

Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear the girls are doing great :) Rest and stay off your feet. :)

Carrie said...

So glad all is continuing to go well- your cervix is so stable and the girls are doing great inside! :)

The bed resting is so weird at first, but you've made it a long way without. Enjoy the rest, and I am glad you get to keep working to keep your mind occupied. You are right- these next weeks are critical and exciting! We are so close to 28 weeks!

My little baby B has his feet in my lungs/ribs so I know that short of breath feeling, too. It is so weird!

Happy to hear all is well- and email me if you are bored while laying about. :)

Lorza said...

awwww. I know you don't want to stop working yet...but I was wondering when it would happen! I think it is awesome you have made it this far girl! I am so glad those babies are doing so good!!! Keep up the stellar incubating! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey H...Take it EASY Honey....focus on the babies and the pregnancy, breathing, eating, getting lots of rest, drinking is the time to read those mags and books you've wanted to while working so hard....Lie down lots and just enjoy each and every kick, hiccup etc. I'm sure it is getting harder to get big proportions but you got to keep healthy, so eat lots of small meals throughout the day (see A type bossiness coming out in me). Wishing you the very best and still holding them thumbs that all you want will be! Take Care. S

'Murgdan' said...

I cannot even imagine. That's so great your boss is so supportive and that you can do some work at home. Hang in there over these next few weeks/months. Thinking of you.

poppy.f.seed said...

I am glad they are keeping an eye on you! I was told it is best to lay on my left side, for a little bit, as it gets the most flow to the baby(in your case babies). Hope all continues to go well with your miracles!

Michele said...

And what a beautiful miracle it is!

K said...

Hang in there. It's very interesting to live vicariously through your experiences. I hope you don't mind! ;)

BB said...

Great to know your babies are doing well! It's so good to have cooperative bosses! Good luck... I am sure you are going to go a long way!

Chelle said...

You made it farther than I did!! And it is hard to stop working. I am still having trouble.

I am happy to hear that the girls are doing great!

My Endo Journey said...

Saying some prayers your way! AND TAKE IT EASY!!!! :)