Sunday, July 25, 2010

9 Months - teething is out of control

Boy, are they teething! Julia is leading the pack with 8 teeth, 6 of which are cutting simultaneously (2 top front, 2 top eyeteeth and the bottom two next to her bottom front teeth). Emma is cutting her two top front teeth and 3rd and 4th bottom tooth simultaneously. Ada is taking it slower, with her 3rd cutting now.

Suffice it to say we haven't slept much in this household. They've been taking turns waking up at all hours. We are as exhausted as we were those first five months.

Emma sitting up from crawling position as of yesterday. Saying, "mama, tata." Ada is making "bwa bwa" sounds. Julia is saying "mama" (she has been saying this the longest) and making these funny Spanish-sounding rrr sounds. She talks more when she's tired and then it becomes a whiny "mwa mwa mwa mwa" sound interspersed with "rrrrs."

Emma started crawling last week and has become more coordinated and faster with every passing day. Julia started commando crawling the same day Emma figured it out. Julia gets from point A to point B faster than Emma. She is stronger on one side and places her right hand over her left hand and then pulls with both arms. She loves it when we have the Superyard gate down and she can slide from the foam mat onto the hardwood floor. Whoa, is she fast! She's constantly crawling towards the forced air grates over the vents and towards the dog.

Trying to take a photo with all 3 in the same position ended up feeling like I was herding cats. It's quite the adjustment for me that they're no longer staying where I put them. Scary!

Miss Ada is sitting and watching, but is just not motivated to follow suit yet. I'm sure she'll get there. She is taking her sweet time to do things, but is such a content, happy baby. I suspect she'll be our little day dreamer. I can already picture her sitting with a book somewhere, lost in thought.

They are snagging toys from one another left right and center. Yesterday I observed Ada taking a toy from Julia and Julia promptly snatching it back. Oh boy. I'm sure triplets will learn sharing before singleton babies, by necessity. I don't suspect it will be any easier, though. Fortunately, there's equal opportunity snatching of toys. Although Ada isn't crawling to get toys, she certainly benefits from her sisters crawling and dropping toys near her.

It's too cute when Julia and Emma pick toys up, make a "run" for it (sometimes with the toy in their mouth like a little puppy), sit and play with it for awhile, and then when they're done with it, drop it behind them. It looks like they're hiding it! It cracks me up every time.

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