Friday, June 08, 2012

Are they or are they not? DNA Test Results Revealed

Proactive Genetics analyzed 15 standard DNA markers used in human identity and Julia and Emma matched on all 15. They are indeed monozygotic ("identical"). The probability of them being monozygotic is estimated at 99.9%.

I'm not quite sure why this feels so life affirming, but it does. Possibly because their behavior has always lead me to believe they could be identical, while their looks dissuaded me. It is such a relief to just know. To not guess, to not analyze, to not question.

We have always known that we were incredibly fortunate to have conceived triplets, to have safely carried all three until 32.6 weeks, to have three preemies with only minor health issues, and to have shared the past two and a half years with them.

What we didn't know, is just how infinitely blessed we were during IVF. We now know that only two of the embryos that were transferred actually implanted, and that one must have split. The split most likely occured a few hours after our Day 3 transfer.

The 3rd day after fertilization is the latest possible time that scientists say zygotes can divide and form separate chorions and amnions. Our girls were trichorionic, triamniotic, meaning each had their own placenta and amniotic sac.

Our triplets are therefore referred to as "polyzygotic" meaning two are monozygotic "identical", and one is dizygotic "fraternal."

We can now also definitively say that Julia and Emma are mirror identicals. About 25% of "identical" multiples mirror one another in terms of hair whorls and handedness. Only monozygotic multiples can be mirror images of one another, and they are amongst the most identical-looking of monozygotic multiples.

It is a tremendous feeling to have this insight into their conception. While we have always treated all 3 girls equally, it feels like this DNA test result has shed light on their natural way of being around one another, and interacting with one another. Julia and Emma seem to crave a physical proximity to one another, while Ada seems to need and seek space by herself. They love one another equally, and all take turns playing together. It will be amazing to watch their dynamic and relationships evolve as they grow. I feel like I now have a deeper understanding of how best to nurture each child.


TurtleMama said...

Fascinating! Glad that you did the test. Thanks for sharing the results.

Kate said...

This is really amazing! I read your blog via Life and Love in the Petri Dish and have been fascinated by your last few posts about discovering that 2 of your girls are identical. It must be nice to have your suspicions confirmed and to have that extra insight into their personalities!

Shelly said...


Gil said...

How wonderful to have this news revealed! Isn't it interesting to see them develop individually in a similar manner to their methods of implantation and growth in utero? So cool. I'm glad you have the results back and happy that it gives insight to their individual personalities. Still here. Still reading. Thanks so much for keeping us all updated! :)

Anonymous said...

For some reason, your blog posts weren't showing up in my reader until just a couple days ago. I had no idea I had missed so many posts from you! That is quite amazing news about the identical twins test results.
I always love to hear how the girls are doing :). Happy to hear you found a house, too!

sonja said...

We have quads (2 are identical twin boys), and I totally agree that knowing about that provides a deeper understanding of their interactions. It's funny though because even though everyone has trouble telling them apart, they look so different to me most of the time that it's hard to believe they're identical. But then I'll see one out of the corner of my eye and get confused for a second and it takes my breath away. I noticed their hair whorls are on opposite sides, too, but I think they're too young to see handedness.