Sunday, September 06, 2009

25w6d - Funny triplet comments

Some days, I feel like I'm going through an initiation process. Every funny look or strange comment about our triplet pregnancy is preparing me for what lies ahead.

This one is the prize-winning conversation of the week:

Neighbor: I heard you are having triplicates.

Me (having a hard time keeping a straight face): Yes, we sure are.

Vocabulary-challenged neighbor: Now, will they all be the same?

Me: We're expecting three girls - they're fraternal.

Neighbor: So, will they look the same?

Me: No, they're not identical.

Neighbor (still confused): So they'll just look like sisters and not like triplets?

Me (at a loss, but trying to escape the Spanish Inquisition): Yes.

Someone who hadn't seen me in five months and who didn't know I was pregnant, did the best double-take I've ever witnessed.

She (smiling knowingly): "Whoa! What happened to you?!"

Me (straight face): "I got knocked up."

She: Apparently! (laughing) Congratulations!

Me: Thanks!

She: When are you due?

A male friend of mine who has a wicked sense of humor, was witnessing this exchange, and piped up, "Oh, she's about 2 weeks along." That cracked me up, because I'm 6 months pregnant and feel as big as a house.

She: (confused) ?

Me (laughing): I'm about six months pregnant.

She: ? (even more confused because the size of my belly and what I'm telling her doesn't add up)

Me: It's triplets.

She: ???!!! Whaaaatt??? Seriously???! Wow! That's wonderful!

It was totally worth dragging it out for that response.


My Endo Journey said...

HAHA-love it!!! :)

Chelle said...

These made me laugh! I love the responses sometimes. When we went to get the mattresses, the checker saw that we had two. Twins? She asked. Jeff said, "No, we're just stocking up..." She gave us the funniest look ever before I said, "yes. twins."

Some people!

Amber said...

Those are great stories!!! It's truly amazing what people will ask or say regarding fertility/pregnancy/etc.

Michele said...

I just about wet myself on that first comment... Damn... Triplicates... I've got to use that... Can we call ours duplicates? My husband got a kick out of it, too.

mekate said...

Yay! Triplicates!

I swear I would have wet my pants. You are grace under pressure incarnate.

TOO funny--

glad you're starting to scale back and down and away- it must be hard to let go of being at work, but you are so smart to trust yourself and your peri- what you are doing is incredible x 3, and I cannot imagine the energy that takes and how much room those girls are taking up too! your poor squished lungs! Yes, temporary, and yes, truly amazing.

Here's wishing you comfort and sufficient mental stimulation!


Jennifer said...

That is AWESOME!!!
Love the post :)

Carrie said...

I am going through that same process right now- since I am not out in public due to bed rest, I get to dodge a lot of the "did you do IVF?" comments? They drive me NUUUUUTS!

Glad to hear all is going so well for you! :) I require more updates, Missy. ;)