Sunday, January 25, 2009

Healthy - With a Vengeance

In anticipation of the upcoming IVF cycle, I've forced myself to start exercising again. Getting into my gym clothes and onto the treadmill seems to be the toughest part of the exercising routine. Especially since all I really want to do is cry and sleep, in that order. Or, on a good day, sit on the sofa and read every blog post and forum about IVF experiences and protocols (which often leads to more crying).

Once I'm on the treadmill, however, the anger and frustration with, and injustice of, IF could keep me walking, forever. Spinning infinitely and seemingly getting nowhere but exhausting myself... it closely resembles how I feel about this infertility path, actually.

I've recently been on a total health rampage. Exercising with a vengeance, drinking daily vitamins, eating better, fresher, healthier meals. I suspect it has little to do with the honorable goal of preparing my body for IVF and a possible pregnancy and more to do with exerting control over the 1% of my life I still have a semblance of control over while the rest is slipping away into this infinite pit of IF despair.

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