Thursday, April 02, 2009

7dp3dt and pee-stickyness on Thursday

With my last cycle, I bought a few fancy HPTs and a bunch of Dollar Store ones. All starkly white and decidedly, heart-wrenchingly negative. Not the faintest hint of anything to give me a sliver of hope.

I had one leftover Dollar Store one, but couldn't bring myself to use it. So on the way home from work, Dh and I stopped by our local drug store to stare at the HPT shelf. The choice wasn't immediately obvious, but in the end we settled on a 3-pack First Res.ponse with a bonus digital stick included.

Dh went for a run, and the pee sticks called my name incessantly. I caved. Before the 3 minutes were up, there was an almost imaginary faint second line. Imaginary, but also indisputable. I tilted it, held it up to the light, ran and grabbed the camera, stared at it a bit more and then starting grinning to myself in the mirror like the Cheshire cat. It's too early and rather inconclusive, but I have this gut feeling that this might be it. No symptoms to back it up other than an occasional twinge, which I had with the BFN cycle too, but I have this feeling of big fat positiveness that I just can't shake.

I started laughing with tears streaming down my face, and at that point, Dh walked in on me. He knew instantly what I was up to. (He knows me better than I know myself.)

Me (whispering so as not to jinx it): "I think I see a very faint second line. I've never ever seen that before."

Him (disbelief): No?!

Me (handing him the stick and trying to be nonchalant): Look for yourself and tell me if you see it.

Him (in under a nano second, without his glasses): I can definitely see it!!

Stunned silence. Holy cow. This is really happening.

He gives me this excited big bear hug and we stare at the stick some more. We take another photo, and I proceed to make excuses to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes for the rest of the night to double, triple, quadruple check that the hint of a line is still there and that I didn't just daydream. It is. But can it be trusted? We shall see.

How on earth will I sleep tonight?


Carrie said...

OH MY GOD!!! I am so happy for you! It is only 7 days past, right? When is your beta? I am so happy for you! (I know, I already said that, but still!)

Have a wonderful night, even though you won't sleep, you'll be happy. :)

Thanks for all the support on my blog, too. You rock.


Nikki said...

Where is the picture for us to see?? Holy cow - this could really be happening! Good luck and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Okee dokey....when is the blood test for the HCG levels? Monday? Have you got another weekend to wait? I am cautiously optimistic...not going to jump for joy...even though all appears hopeful...Holding thumbs and saying them prayers for you!

'Murgdan' said...

Wowowowow. I can't even imagine looking at a pee stick and not seeing stark white where a second line should be! How exciting!! Can't wait to hear about the next day!

cady said...

omg i'm so excited for you!!! i checked my pee stick every couple of minutes the night that i tested. it's like we think it will disappear. :)