Friday, April 03, 2009

8dp3dt - Friday's POAS heaven

When you're facing male and female infertility, and odds of less than 10%, you don't really ever think that it will work out. Besides, I'm a realist.

To suddenly find myself in HPT heaven is a very strange development indeed. Completely surreal and mindblowing. You want to believe it, but you know that this only happens to other people. Lucky people. Fertile people. Positive pee sticks doesn't happen to people like us. At least not without a miracle of some sort, planets aligning, and all that. But despite the odds, it seems a miracle may be in the making. In eleven years of this IF battle dangling over our heads, I never thought I'd see a positive.

The line on Friday morning's stick is slightly darker. Still very faint, but darker than Thursday's. I am in love with this feeling of hope and optimism. It's foreign and inexplicable, and even though I know it's way too early to be this ridiculously excited, I just can't help myself. My realistic self suddenly finds herself making way for a hopeful self.

While the First Response stick was "developing," Dh was looking over my shoulder. Not a minute had gone by, when he said, "It's darker!" He is even more excited than I am, if that is even possible.

I'm laughing about Nikki's comment, "Where's the photo so we can see?" Sorry to be holding out on you. He he he. I'll download the pics soon, and will post them.

Monday is beta day and it can't come soon enough.

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Just Me said...

I love the image of you and your DH waiting for the line to show-- what a wonderful moment!