Wednesday, October 07, 2009

30w2d - Another milestone conquered

Cool to have the 100th post on my blog coincide with typing the coveted "30w" in the title line. Every single day, I wake up with the thought, "I can't believe we made it this far" followed by the calculation of how far the trio and I still need to go. 12 days to 32 weeks, 33 days to 35 weeks.

For the moment, I'm still blissfully at home and go back to the peri on Friday for a growth scan of the girls. Our hope is that they're around 3 lbs each and that my blood pressure, liver enzymes, cervix and all the other indicators are still stable.

Thank you all for your encouraging words, the reality checks, and being so supportive throughout this journey. I have started packing my hospital bag, just in case.

The belly circumference is an astounding 47 inches now, and I've gained 35 lbs overall. My frame is really feeling the extra weight, and I can hardly imagine how uncomfortable and painful it must be to gain 70+ lbs during a triplet pregnancy. My hat is off to the women who are able to do so.

The girls must be going through a growth spurt right now, because I'm constantly hungry again, like I was in the first trimester. I've been drinking more milk and trying to eat smaller meals more frequently, but the heartburn makes it rather difficult.

I'm starting to go numb around my belly button and I'm wondering what that's about. Anyone care to enlighten me? It's the weirdest feeling to itch there, but to not feel the scratch. Truly bizarre, but I guess nothing surprises me anymore. This pregnancy has been one strange trip!

Baby C is hiccuping quite often; I love feeling it. So cute, and it makes me happy to know she is practicing her lungs. I haven't felt hiccups from Baby A & B yet, but they are very active. Baby A jerks and jumps with both feet and hands. It's startling when she does that, but never fails to make me smile. Baby B pushes out and makes these crazy bulges on the right side of my tummy. It feels like she's stretching constantly, and wants more room to do so. Baby C makes squirming snake-lake movements under my ribcage where her body is, and kicks strongly on my left side. It's amazing to know who's who in the zoo, and completely reassuring to know they're moving.

As tough as this pregnancy has now become, I know I will miss feeling their movements inside me after they're born.


Alyssa said...

"I'm starting to go numb around my belly button and I'm wondering what that's about. Anyone care to enlighten me? It's the weirdest feeling to itch there, but to not feel the scratch. Truly bizarre, but I guess nothing surprises me anymore. This pregnancy has been one strange trip!"
Thats what I feel, too! My tummy itches, I scratch, but I feel nothing. Numb!! Weird, hey? I think it's just cause of the skin stretching.

Melissa G said...

Congrats on making it to 30wks and to your 100th post.

So glad to hear you are doing well. And I look forward to hearing about your next appointment.

Ali said...

Hooray for 30 weeks!

Amber said...

Congrats on making it SO far!!! I've been following for a while and I am so happy for you and your husband. Can't wait to see the babies in pictures.

Amanda said...

I'm SO excited for you! Congratulations for making it to 30 weeks. And thanks for all of your support. :)

Levon said...

It's an amazing feeling to make it into the 30's isnt it? I mean, with all the horror stories it's so hard to feel positive, and when you realize you're far surpassing the worlds expectations it's kinda like "Ha, I really can do this!"
The numb thing would definitely be your skin stretching so much so fast...truth is i'm still numb at the bottom of my belly, well, i was more numb when there was more of it still hanging there...ya, i had "twin skin" pretty bad.
Anyways, you're doing great! Keep it up!

Michele said...

Yay for being into the 30s!!!

I totally miss being pregnant. Even though I can hold them now and feel those beautiful little hands and feet, watch their faces, heck just watch them watch me!, I still miss feeling them inside. It is so strange to have them go from a part of you on the inside to life on their own on the outside...

Carrie said...

I totally get the numb belly button thing! I have it too but did not with my daughter. WEIRD!!

Congratulations!!! 100 posts is awesome, and so is 30 weeks. Way to cook your girls and keep them nice and snug. You are a rock star!

Little by little we are getting there. Cannot wait to hear how big your sweetie pies are tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey H

A magnifique milestone. Miss A as you know was born at 30 weeks...was 4 lbs then went down very rapidly to 3 lbs.....teeny weeny. It is so good that you're on the game and have some idea of what to expect. I had no idea of the chances of a premature birth at 30 weeks....turns out the odds are even....G R E A T. Where I delivered, there is a 100% survival rate of the preemies born at 30 weeks (when they leave the hospital). I do hope you can get them closer to 5 lbs...keep cooking my dear - coz they will lose a little weight - which is "normal"....hopefully not as rapidly as Miss A...but preemies (who says yours will be too preemie anyways)....are ferocious characters...real fighters and they turn around fast. I am excited....and HEY! Bag needs to be fully PACKED now you sure don't want to have to have Dawie running home to pick up stuff.....or you both running around the house to get whatever you feel will make you feel comfy. Either way, worry not. As you know Mr M wasn't with me....out of the country and I did fine with the hospital gown (blergh) and supplies...who cares....there is new life! Blessings, Shaz