Saturday, October 03, 2009

29w5d - Increasing discomforts - to the 3rd degree

I knew this would get harder as the weeks progressed, but I guess you can't be truly prepared for it until it starts to happen. Compared to a single pregnancy, I'm overdue now. Two doctors' appointments ago, the fundal height was at 40 cm. My uterus is already stretched to the limit, but we have several more weeks to go. To 36 weeks, if I can make it.

The past few days even the usual discomforts have been amplified. Not being able to sleep, constant heartburn, increased swelling of my hands and feet, carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists, itching all over, headaches, not being able to breathe or eat properly, hip pain, pelvic pressure, have all intensified.

I haven't yet hit "the wall" that triplet moms refer to, but I can see that it's not far off. Still, I consider myself fortunate. I worked full-time until yesterday, and will work a few more hours from home next week before I'm completely done. It has been great to wrap things up at work and keep my mind occupied, but I'm at the point now where I really need to have time to take a nap during the day since I'm not sleeping much at night.

Last Sunday, I had painful contractions about 10-15 minutes apart, but fortunately they subsided within two hours without any middle-of-the-night escapades to L&D. The perinatologist is concerned about the upper quadrant pain I've been experiencing because it may be an early sign of a liver problem. I also see specs of light, and have other symptoms that could be something or nothing.

The labs (liver enzymes and bile salts) came back within normal ranges, and my blood pressure is thankfully still nice and low: 106/60. It is rare, but she said preeclampsia sometimes presents without high blood pressure (but that it could change fast). She's also monitoring me for cholestasis and HELLP syndrome, because something is up, but it's too early to know what. Hospitalization and even closer monitoring were mentioned, but thankfully, since the labs came back okay, they're still allowing me to stay home.

The perinatologist discussed HELLP Syndrome in particular, as they would need to admit me immediately, give steroid shots to help the babies' lungs, wait 48 hours, and then deliver the babies as the condition is life threatening to mom and babies.

I passed the gestational diabetes test just a few days prior, but the most recent bloodwork showed a dangerously low blood glucose level. I had a call from the hospital Wednesday evening telling me that I'm hypoglycemic and instructing me to eat and drink fruit juice immediately, and to head to the ER if I feel faint or jittery. (They scared the cr*p out of me, but I'm fine.)

Despite all the threats of impending problems and hospitalization, I haven't packed a bag. Maybe I'm in denial. Or maybe it's mind over matter.

My belly circumference is 46 inches and I've gained 33 lbs overall! Wow, it's getting up there! I can't wait to type "30w" in the Title line of next week's post.


BB said...

Wishing you good luck with everything. Hoping that you get to stay at home for a few more weeks with no major issues! {HUGS}

Allison said...

Man, I cant even imagine how hard its getting but you are doing SO GOOD!!! I hope everything turns out okay and you have no L&D escapades :) Only 2 days until 30 wks!!!!!!!

K said...

Wow. This is all so amazing to read. I'm a lurker, infrequent commenter, but always enjoy reading your updates. I can't believe you're still at work, but happy you're done soon. And uhm...I think you should pack your bag... :)

jenicini said...

Wow, you are such a trooper! Get your work wrapped up so you can sleep and take it easy! Wishing you the best.

'Murgdan' said...

Oh I cannot even imagine. Take care of yourself...thinking of you!

Ali said...

Thinking of you often and hoping for the best!

Jennifer said...

Praying for you and your 3 babies all the time. Rest and keep us updated. :)

Lorza said...

Wow. That is just crazy! Are you just staying mostly in bed or couch or what? I am glad you are doing well, and that they were able to see your hypogycemia! That can really be an issue.

Sounds like you have a great doctor girl- very ahead of everything that they can think of! I love proactive doctors.

Anonymous said...

Dearest H, Pack your Bag's Honey! Please put my name on the announcement list - you have my latest email address - right? Rather have a healthy mommy to take care of three adorable babies who will grow stronger by the day than chase a date. No need to be stoic or heroic at such a time. If hospitalization is what needs to be done to keep you monitored - personally, I'd rather be rigged up to the machines at this point and have the nurses monitoring every possible moment, than lie at home trusting and hoping that you might stretch it to 36 weeks. You don't need to "hit the wall" or even wait to get anywhere near it. Do take Care and Who might just be blessed.....real soon! Most important is the health of all 5 of you.

Love and Best of Luck S

Amber said...

You have done so well!!! I can't believe what a great attitude you have about it all. I also can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little girls!!!

Michele said...

A friend of mine had severe pre-e without high BP. 2 doctors missed it and she and her baby almost died. I am SO glad you are being monitored. At almost 28w w/ twins, my fundal was 43. I'm convinced that it is one of the reasons I delivered, as is my OB since I had no signs of infection and my cerclage was holding. My poor uterus just thought I was well overdue and couldnt take it anymore. Pack the bag. Even if you dont want to. It is MUCH worse to end up admitted to the hospital and to have nothing.

I am crossing my fingers and praying for you to get a few more weeks! You can do it!!!

The Patterson's said...

Sorry you are starting to get to some of the not-so-fun symptoms. I'm still impressed that you were working full-time until Friday. Take care of yourself!!

Carrie said...

You are almost to that exciting 30 week mark!

I am so sorry the discomforts are increasing- I know what you mean! There are a lot of babies growing inside of us! :) I also have the hip pain- my biggest complaint is back pain right now.

I certainly hope you don't develop HELLP, but I am so glad your docs are watching you closely. It sounds like you are in SUCH good hands. So weird about your blood sugar- that would've freaked me out too!

As big as our bellies are, isn't it strange to think they can get bigger??


Just wanted to stop by and say that you're doing wonderful! Keep up the wonderful job!


Just wanted to stop by and say that you're doing a wonderful job! Keep up the good work! Your "pain" and uncomforts will leave the moment the babies are born, seriously, it's amazing!!! Hang in there, they'll be here soon, (not too soon i know) :O)

mekate said...

I simply cannot imagine how you must be feeling. FULL I suppose! I am so glad your docs are on all possible possibilities,
and I hope for you the most comfort you can feel as you keep these little ones inside as long as is safe, until they are ready.
Thinking of you and your girls.


poppy.f.seed said...

Glad to hear all are well and still inside! Being 35 weeks and feeling heavy with a singleton makes me REALLY sympathize for you.

Having a bag packed won't make the babies come or wait. Also, my SIL went into pre-term labor, and we just brought her stuff.

Melissa G said...

Hi there,

I'm a long time lurker. I just wanted to let you to know I'm thinking of you and your babies.

And I agree with everything your friend "S" said. =)

Best wishes.