Friday, October 23, 2009

32w4d - No news is good news

Another week down, 24 more days to go to reach our approximate C-Section date of November 17. The peri is waiting until we get a bit closer to schedule the actual date, but if all continues to go well, it will be sometime during week 36. Of course, the girls could decide to come any day now, but it's nice to have a goal to shoot for.

During this week's appointment, the girls all scored 8/8 on their biophysical profiles. The amniotic fluid levels look great, and they completed the 30-second breathing movement, gross motor and fine motor movements.

We saw Baby B making suckling movements with her lips. It was the cutest thing! She had her little fist by her mouth and looked like she was sucking on a pacifier. It made me think of Bart Simpson's baby sister...!

My blood pressure continues to be wonderfully low, but I have other early signs and symptoms that may or may not point to preeclampsia, so the docs are keeping a close eye. This past week, I've started swelling to ridiculous proportions. Edema is no fun, but compared to all of the other discomforts, it's just par for the course. I get to do the "jug o' fun" aka the 24-hour urine collection and associated bloodwork, just to be sure I'm not spilling more than the +1 protein that has been showing up since September.

I'm also the lucky recipient of more bloodwork to recheck my liver function as the epigastric pain is unchanged and I'm still clawing at my skin from the severe itching despite taking Actigall for Cholestasis of Pregnancy.

The great news is that my cervix is still closed. I can hardly believe it with all of the contractions and pelvic pressure, but I'm really relieved about that.

The belly circumference is a whopping 48 inches now, and the fundal height is 44 centimeters (the equivalent of being a month overdue with a singleton pregnancy). There's no denying that I'm huge now.

Instead of the usual, "I can't believe you're carrying triplets! You're so small!" I'm getting more of the uninhibited stares from strangers quickly followed by, "Wow. You must be due any day now!"

One of the funnier comments was from a guy walking by me in the hospital foyer, staring at my belly and quipping, "You really should switch to light beer." It cracked me up.

At a restaurant this week, the hostess took one look at me and said, "Let me guess. You would prefer NOT to sit in a booth, right?"

Fortunately, no strangers have attempted to touch the belly, because they would surely have lost a limb in the process.

My motto for the week ahead: keep on trucking.


jenicini said...

That's great that everything is going well. :) I can't believe that the man made the beer comment. That is way too funny! :) Take care of you and your girls!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are doing good! YEAH! I would definately think you wouldn't want a booth. :)
BTW I have moved blogs from BabyMakingJourney at blogger to wordpress. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything's going so well :).

LOL about that guy's comment! Too funny :)

SassyIfLady said...

Great update! Hope things continue to go well. Take care and have a good weekend -- keep on trucking!

The Patterson's said...

You're doing great!! So glad to hear the babies continue to do well, too! Love the comment from the guy in the hospital. :-)

Carrie said...

You are doing great!!! I am getting those stares too and crazy comments. I kind of want to kick people sometimes.

Keep on kicking butt! You are so close now!


Anne LK said...

I hear you about losing a limb if they touch your belly. I'm only 5 months along with a singleton but my boss nearly got it the other day when he reached for my belly. Hope all continues to go well for your family!

Anonymous said...

Truck on Truck dolly-land........:))))) Oh Boy (I mean, girl) if you haven't already, you are going to be so spoilt by the time these little angels arrive (once they arrive)....hope you have a vid cam and camera for 100000's shots! Wanna see them all...and by the way, please email some preggy pics.....lets get the last one's seen before the belly shrinks dramtically!! I was ready to do another pic of the belly with A.....she came before the camera could come out.....keep those batteries charged, ne!

Love S

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Wow! I am so impressed! Not even a bit dialated?

Sending prayers your way, for a restful and stress-free couple of weeks!

Michele said...

The beer comment has me in stitches! That is hysterical.

Yay for everything going so well! November 17th, here you come!

My Endo Journey said...

Keep on trucking!!!

And, I love that guy who made the beer comment!!! :)