Sunday, September 13, 2009

26w6d - U/s growth scan update & NICU tour

Our baby girls continue to amaze the perinatologists and sonographers with how well they're growing (not just compared to triplets, but compared to singletons!) My peri is ecstatic with their progress - she gave them a thumbs up for sharing their "real estate" equally, and growing consistently:

Baby A: 2lb5oz, 142 BPM
Baby B: 2lb2oz, 142 BPM
Baby C: 2lb4oz, 134 BPM

That's almost 7 pounds of babies! When asked at what point they might schedule the C-section, the peri said if everything continues to go this well, and I'm still feeling good, they may even let me go to 36 weeks and a few days. (One can dream! First, I need to get to 28 weeks.)

A very good sign is that all of the girls are measuring pretty close, which bodes well for the next two months or so. I've only gained 0.4 lbs the past two weeks, but given how well the girls are doing and my overall weight gain, my peri wasn't concerned. Phew. The heartburn has been making it challenging to eat. My cervix is still as short as ever (a scary 2.4 cm), but still no funneling or dilation.

My Dh and I went on a tour of the level III NICU. They can admit almost 60 preemies, and they approximately 280 people on staff. The wonderful charge nurse spent 45 minutes with us going over their protocols, and describing different treatment scenarios.

Seeing so many babies fight for their lives is extremely disturbing and frightening. I just wasn't prepared for that. The upside is that it is also an immense motivator to see exactly how fragile the preemies are, because it makes me want to do everything in my power to grow our girls for as long as possible.

Having visuals of the space, equipment and people has alleviated a lot of anxiety.
The nurse said my Dh will be able to see our babies in the NICU within 30-45 minutes of their birth. If all of the girls are admitted to the NICU, they will be split up into different areas to help ensure that they don't get mixed up.

Up to four people, including the parents, can visit at any given time. They welcome parents calling in to check on their babies when they can't be physically present. Parents are welcome to visit any time, except for the half hour or so when shifts change (and the neonatologists and nurses share confidential information about all of the babies).

Visitors are only allowed when accompanied by one of the parents, which is very comforting from a security standpoint. (Also: I read about a triplet mom whose inlaws gained access to the NICU and they bathed her babies. When the mom arrived, not only had she missed out on giving them their first bath, but she couldn't touch her babies because they had already received so much stimulation that day.) I'd be livid, especially given how little opportunity for "parenting" exists in the NICU and how precious every one of those moments are.

I think the sweetest thing the nurse said to us at the end of the tour was, "I hope we don't have to see you or your triplet girls here!" Amen.


Carrie said...

Grow girls, grow! Those were almost the exact weights of ours at 26w5d- you are doing a great job! :)

Even though your cervix is short-ish- it never changes and that is all that matters! It is stable and that is awesome.

The NICU tours are great so we know what to expect, but as you said, more motivating to us than anything. Even when we feel exhausted and in pain, each day inside gets them two to three days NOT in the NICU after 28 weeks. And you are almost to your big milestone. Cannot wait to celebrate with you, Friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi H and DH

So Glad you got to go on a tour! At least it will be less "horrifying" than if it was sprung onto you....and hopefully it won't be. If it is, your babies are already a decent A was 4 lbs exactly at birth (30) weeks and then dropped dramatically to 3 lbs within days! AND she was a singleton. There were other concerns about her....but it is absolutely amazing what can be done.....WOW look at her NOW...she'll be 1 on 13 November and she's into 18 month old clothes. I am told preemies tend to "do" really well - once they are on their growth spurts and over the hump of being so tiny. They are fighters. Well continue to hold them thumbs for you. IF you get to 36 weeks....your are going to have a whole lot more than 7 lbs of baby in that tummy of yours ;) Wishing you the best and thinking of you lots and lots...

Love S

Anonymous said...


"The upside is that it is also an immense motivator to see exactly how fragile the preemies are, because it makes me want to do everything in my power to grow our girls for as long as possible. " Just remember you can try as hard as you choose....Nature is going to take it's course and you cannot control that. Just take it easy, eat healthy and don't get too stressed and with much hope and faith your goals will be met. Ultimately've got to just let go and go with the flow. You are already on safer ground so just enjoy your pregnancy.....the nesting.....coz once the babies are born.....there are precious moments....however, it is also when the "fun" really begins.....Have some romantic evenings out with DH....spoil yourself....if you are allowed a pregnancy as much (low key) but fun for yourself exclusively things NOW......and ENJOY! Hugs.....Shaz

Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear the babies are doing so well. :) I am praying for you and your girls :)

BB said...

So glad to hear about the progress! :) Yes, I do strongly hope that you or your babies never have to see the NICU again!

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic that they're growing so well! Hopefully you will get to avoid the NICU altogether...

Michele said...

So glad you toured the NICU. As someone who is there now (and was planning a tour that didnt quite happen) I can tell you that a tour would have been helpful.

And the girls are growing great! Such wonderful news!