Sunday, September 27, 2009

28w6d - GD test & biophysical profiles

This week brought yet another marathon 4-hour appointment at the perinatologist. It was probably the last appointment I could drive myself to, given that we live more than an hour away from the doc and the appointments will become a weekly trek from this point onwards.

The perinatologist is nothing if not thorough, which I appreciate tremendously.

The glucose drink for the gestational diabetes test wasn't bad at all. A Dixie cup filled with a sweet, fizzy orange drink, which kind of tasted like Fan.ta Orange. An hourlong wait during which you're not allowed to drink water, eat anything, chew gum, or smoke, as the nurse practitioner kindly reminded me. I've never smoked, so I thought that was pretty funny. They had to draw blood to check my thyroid function and other things anyway, so it was no big deal. What's a few more vials?

I've had some edema, spilling of protein (just +1), and headaches, so they're watching me carefully for pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure is still fine, 124/70, but given that I'm usually around 106/60, it is slowly creeping up.

The girls aced their biophysical profiles, each scoring 8/8. (We're so proud.) The BPP ultrasound for triplets can take up to an hour and a half as the babies each need to make a certain number of breathing and other movements in a 30-minute period. Thankfully the babies cooperated beautifully and it went much faster. The sonographer let me sit up in between to prevent that awful woozy feeling.

My fundal height is now at 40 cm = full term. I keep thinking that if I was pregnant with one baby, this would be about as big as I'd get. A walk in the park compared to what awaits! (Seriously - no offence intended to moms who have one baby at a time. I know pregnancy is hard whichever way you slice it.)

The belly bump circumference is a whopping 45 and a half inches, and I've gained 33 lbs total. I've read of other triplet moms who have circumferences of 52 inches towards the end. I've read much pain and suffering lies ahead...


Anonymous said...

You are doing fantabulously and you just keep that rest going. It really will be wonderbaar if you get as far as possible into the 30+++ weeks. How remarkable it will be to be able to take babies home with you without having to do the trek to a NICU on a daily basis for weeks.

Every pregnancy comes with it's own challenges - singleton or not. Yours is just triplicated - HOWEVER, the biophysics are being aced so it appears as though you are in for three incredibly healthy babies.

Do send email - if the Dr has spoken about C-Sections and possible weeks when you do get into the 30+++ weeks.

Not much longer my dear.....those weeks are creeping up. SLEEEEEEEP Lots. Although...mmmm imagine triple the mommy high! A singleton high is good in itself Whhhhoaaa! Do you'll think you might just match my A's Birthday on 13 November....Tee hee Mmmmm....I'm thinking not! But almost there right?

Hugs and take it easy - would love to hear more soon soon.


Ali said...

Praying for you and the girls everyday! You've made it so far!!! Amazing!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like the girls are doing awesome :) Rest and keep those feet up.

Michele said...

great news!!!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I'm so glad that your girls are doing so well! Sending prayers and good thoughts that the discomfort (how's that for a doctor term?) to come isn't as bad as expected and that your little angels stay snuggly in place for as long as possible.

MabelB said...

Just read your blog for the first time.... so excited you! Wishing you lots of luck and hoping your girls get to stay inside you for as long as possible.