Saturday, September 19, 2009

27w5d - Girl Girl Girl Gear galore

We have had not one, not two, but THREE baby showers! The girls, my husband and I are so incredibly spoiled by our friends and colleagues. Not just with the unbelievable baby showers, but with the most amazingly thoughtful 2nd hand clothes, blankets and other gear like high chairs, playmats and swings we have received from our generous friends.

In the words of a colleague, "Baby shower? Gmph! It's more like a baby thunderstorm!"

We started gearing up pretty early, knowing that I might be on bed rest towards the safer part of the pregnancy. After IVF, it required a huge leap of faith to start acquiring baby stuff. On the other hand, since this will most probably be my one and only pregnancy ever, I didn't want to miss out on a single moment of the experience.

Dh and I started boldly: by buying a 2nd hand triplet stroller and a previously owned minivan - all in one morning - when I was barely out of the first trimester! I was researching strollers online, reading advice from other triplet parents, when I came across a Triple Decker on eBay.

The wonderful family with triplets we bought it from had 3 Graco Snugride seats, six bases, and threw in 3 car seat sleeping bags, a must for our infants arriving in the fall.

We kept in touch with the triplet family, and they sold us their 3 bouncy seats, 3 exersaucers, 3 Bumbo seats, Podee bottles, and threw in lots of extras.

We had toyed with the idea of getting a minivan, but we weren't planning on purchasing it so soon. Then an incredible deal on a previously owned 2009 model turned up. The minivan was practically brand new, just owned for a month.

Craigslist proved very useful: we purchased two changing tables (still boxed and new) and things we won't need for a while, like the North States Super Yard XT.

Gift cards and gifts of cash from the baby showers enabled us to buy three Graco Lauren 4-in-1 convertible cribs. Target had a huge Labor Day baby gear sale where you could get the mattresses for free if we bought the cribs there. Not only were their cribs the most affordable (beating out any price I could find online - and even Wal*Mart), but getting the mattresses for free saved us $240.00.

It was quite the spectacle when my husband and I walked out alongside the Target employee with the rolling cart loaded to capacity with three humongous boxes and three mattresses.

There was a guy sitting on a bench near the loading zone waiting for his wife and he looked on in amazement. "TRIPLETS?!" I was so exhausted I almost responded with, "Nah, we're just getting a few extra because it's such a good deal." But I bit my lip.

My gracious husband responded with a proud father chuckle and said, "Yeah" as they started loading up our new minivan. The conversation continued with funny banter as the guy's wife and kids arrived and he went over the details of the unfolding spectacle again. They seemed very happy for us, and not at all intrusive, so it was fine by me. Better get used to it, eh? Once that Triple Decker starts going places with us and the trio, I'm sure it will be an attention-grabber.

All I really keyed into was how unflustered my hubby was with all the attention. That's a good sign.

In terms of other baby gear: we received a Boppy pillow, and bought two more, and purchased three matching covers. We have bought a few things new, including 3 Kiddopotamus cotton swaddle blankets and a Dr Brown's formula pitcher, which so many triplet moms recommended.

I think we're as ready as we'll ever be with baby gear, so if I have to go on strict bed rest at home, or heaven forbid, hospital, I can relax knowing we have tons of diapers, wipes, and all the gear in the world. :D

We're already looking forward to a humongous garage sale!


BB said...

You seem like you are all set! Great bargains you got! :)

Allison said...

I love all the stuff you got! Great choices and Im glad you found that triplet family who has sold you guys so much at a great price! 2 days until 28 weeks! WAHOOO!

Ali said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeee, triple the excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you are getting set for those wonderful girls :)

poppy.f.seed said...

wow, you are raking in the gear! That is awesome about the showers, second hand and great deals!!!

We got that playyard as a hand-me-down,I wouldn't even have known of it!
You're almost 28 weeks,awesome!

The Patterson's said...

This is great. Sounds like you have a lot of what you need. Hope you don't see bed rest for at least a few more weeks! :-)

Michele said...

Sounds like you are on your way!

Anonymous said...

Looking Good, Looking Good....Nesting most certainly has kicked in from the beginning with avengeance! (sp). From this point onwards, it's all looking forward to what lies ahead, lots of hope, prayers and happiness for your most blessed family - from 2 humans to 5 in one go! Have so many questions - however, I am certain your head is spinning already...
Hope to chat soon. Connected to skype? I'll check or send an email when you get the chance between work and having them bodies rested.

Love S

mekate said...

holy moly! I love your triplet stroller and yes, you will be the center of a lot of attention and curiosity. your sweetie did great! I hate how things as truly private as pregnancy and child rearing somehow end up being public property and open to comment (at best!)-- BUT I am so glad things are going well for you! and I am so impressed by your finds and gifts and choices--

thinking of you and wishing you a great 12 weeks.

Mommy to a miracle said...

That is so awesome. Sounds like you have everything you need! And sounds like you have been busy! Take care of yourself and those babies!