Sunday, February 22, 2009

The day before retrieval

ICLWers, welcome! Please share your ER stories with me to get me through today. Your comments mean the world to me.

Ahhh! Finally, a day off from injections. I'm feeling optimistic about tomorrow's egg retrieval, and of course a little scared, but mostly excited and calm. I keep telling myself it can't possibly be worse than the Endo lap surgery two months ago.

It helps that today is Sunday, and I had homemade, organic scones for breakfast. I'm listening to good music, visiting IComLeavWe blogs, calling my family and generally just chilling.

Usually, I'm a workaholic stress case, an undeniable type A personality who needs to control everything. It's a new feeling to try to be good to myself, to take it easy, to relax, and to let go. I practiced this approach with great success last weekend (see Sleepy Tiger in Sleepy Clothes post) and I'm working on perfecting it today. I have the week off from work to stay sane between ER and Tx, which bodes well for becoming an IComLeavWe Iron Commenter. A girl has to have goals. ;-)

Dh's aspiration is at 6:45 tomorrow morning. We don't know if they'll find sperm, but the RE said he was so sure they would, he'd give us the cycle free if they came up empty-handed. After 11 years and a failed vas reversal, we'll finally know if the boys are coming to the party.

My clinic does ICSI for everyone's IVF cycles. It's included in their regular IVF fee. I'm relieved they do this on a regular basis, and that we'll maximize our chances if they only find a few viable sperm.

My ER is at 8:30. No food or drink after midnight tonight, and no strong smelling perfume/hair spray/cologne allowed. I use natural products with little scent, so this is good news for me. Strong smells can easily trigger my migraines. Jasmine, hazelnut coffee brewing, strong perfume. Blegh. Makes me instantly nauseous. I can't go near Y.anky Candle or the perfume counter at department stores.

Based on what I've read on the blogs, I'm expecting to do a whole lot of sleeping and cramping after ER... Sounds like a good time.


Nicole said...

Here for ICLW...good luck on your ER tomorrow! You'll do great and I am sure that hubby will too! They only need a handful of good ones!

I'm expecting ER for IVF #3 next week--best part is right before you go to sleep you feel so peaceful and like you're floating. You'll do great!

ICLW #39

Elana Kahn said...

My retrieval actually went very smoothly. I was terrified beforehand, but there was nothing to be afraid of. They gave me something in my IV to make me sleep, and I woke up literally the minute I got back to my "room" after the retrieval. I didn't get nauseated, I didn't have any cramping or bleeding or anything at all. It was soooo easy. The transfer I did without meds, so the main thing that hurt was my bladder--they need it to be super extra full and THAT hurts. :-) Good luck! ICLW

Anonymous said...

I didn't have any issues with cramping or bleeding on my second IVF, I was on my feet later that day. I hope you have the same experience tomorrow. Good Luck!


VA Blondie said...

Good luck with your ER! Good luck for the hubby, as well!


Anonymous said...

Here returning your visit to IF Rocks! Happy ICLW!!!!

I have my fingers crossed for you, hope that they find a few little swimmers and get things going just perfectly tomorrow!

You're on my blogroll now, so I'm going to be a 2ww stalker of a good way.

Anonymous said...

i'm actually not currently on any stimulants. i had a laparoscopy in november and i've been suppressed with lupron ever since. i had my last shot about 2 weeks ago and i have an appt. with the re on wednesday to find out what we will be doing from here. i hope your er goes well tomorrow, good luck!

mekate said...

Hey there,
First of all, I want to come eat scones. Second, I ams so glad you are trying this new thing called taking care of yourself. Good for you!
My non_ER ER was pain free. Here's hoping you are comfortable, and if you're not, stay ahead of it and do not hesitate to take what they give you. I am wishing you both a very successful day tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Have been in your shoes yet - but I really hope it goes off without a hitch. Let us newbies know what to expect, alright?

mytrle said...

Good luck with your ER tomorrow! You'll be home enjoying a nice nap before you know it!


Anita said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the advice you gave me for my lap surgery. The pain meds definitely helped - i'm pretty sure they gave me morphine too. I really hope your ER goes well! It'll a much quicker recovery than your lap. Get lots of rest and I look forward to reading how it all goes!

cady said...

good luck with the er!! i wish icsi was included in our ivf cost...our clinic typically does it with ivf anyway because the odds of fert are so much higher.

Emmy said...

I hope that the aspiration and ER goes well!

Here is to lots of fertilized eggs!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your ER this morning!

Gil said...

Your story sounds SO much like mine! Hubby's failed vasectomy reversal, many tries at IUI and then IVF and there IS hope. Trust me. I found you via Mel's Lost and Found and I'm adding you to my blogroll because I am certainly keeping my fingers crossed for you. I hope retrieval is good. Do keep us all posted!