Monday, February 23, 2009

Home after egg retrieval and PESA

Thank you, all the loyal blog followers, and ICLWers, for leaving such supportive, encouraging and wonderful comments on my blog. It carried me through the anxiety. I'll be commenting soon, but first, here's what you've been waiting for:

Today was a good day. Instead of the predicted 8 eggs, the RE retrieved a whopping, surprising 13 eggs. I'm beyond ecstatic, because they also found sperm during Dh's aspiration. No motile swimmers, but sperm nonetheless.

Since the little tadpoles are being ICSI'd 1:1 into the eggs this afternoon, we could care less that they're not motile. Ladies and gentleman, after 11 years of waiting, we now know we have both sperm and eggs! We will receive the fertilization report tomorrow, but I have a feeling we'll have something to transfer.

Dh's is in excellent spirits despite braving an overnight snowstorm that threatened to derail our best laid plans. We were up at the crack of dawn to be at the clinic at 6:30 a.m. (hey, who can sleep in when your future is about to revealed in spectacular fashion?)

My incredible hero of a husband had to brave 16 needle sticks in his nether region, and the urologist finally used the dreaded "gun" to extract tissue from his testicle. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I'm cringing for his sake as I'm writing this. He's been up and about since 7 a.m., directly after the PESA. The Novacaine's effects are waning, but he says he doesn't need Tylenol. (He's usually a baby when he has a head cold, so I believe him that he's okay!) Men dealing with MF, take heart. Hubby took it all in his stride. My tough guy.

As for me, I'm feeling unexpectedly terrific! I can remember everything prior to and directly after the retrieval, but nothing of the retrieval itself. Okay, I'm a girl, so I have to tell you what I wore: cute soft babyblue socks with dark blue arrow grippies on them, a most fetching hospital gown, and a must-have blue hair net.

A very sweet nurse put the IV in my left arm (no drugs yet), and hooked me up to the heart rate monitor while she was chatting with me. (My heart rate was beeping way over 90 and rather intermittently - I was scared sh!tless!) My resting heart rate is usually nice and low: 50 to 60.

Hubby commented on the stirrups that look like humongous snow boots. It cracked me up. Yeah! I've reached the summit and the only way forward is to go down at breakneck speed.

I was seated in an upright position while the RE, anesthesiologist and nurse walked us through the pre-procedure questionnaire, consent forms, and post-op instructions. The RE popped in briefly to check on me. He was there just long enough to say, "Hey, how time flies. Can you believe you're in the OR already, just 2 weeks later? We're here to get you pregnant soon... and then get you outta here. Are you ready? Start visualizing that cute baby bump of yours. Can you see it yet?" I nodded an emotional "Yes..." and swallowed tears.

The anesthesiologist clipped the oxygen monitor to my left thumb, lowered me with a warning about how fast it will feel and he even let out a "Wheeee!" like a little boy riding a roller coaster. The roller coaster visual totally made me smile, and you IVFers will know what I mean.

The nurse put my feet in the stirrups, the anesthesiologist then gently inserted the air tube in my nose (weird!), and then I was blissfully gone. Asleep. Hubby, who was in the OR throughout the procedure, said I started saying something, but trailed off in hilariously and embarrassingly incoherent fashion as my eyelids started closing.

I woke up to the sound of, "We retrieved 13 eggs!" It confused me completely, because the number was so much higher than I had anticipated. I confirmed 3 times, "Really? 13? Are you sure?" I was lucid then... just in utter disblief. I thought I'd be out of it, sleepy, groggy, but I was wide awake. The nurse brought me my clothes and while I got dressed, she poured some green tea for the drive home, brought me my coat, and escorted me to the car.

I was awake all day, feeling a little lightheaded, but fine. Hubby and I took an hourlong nap. There are a few light cramps every now and then, but nothing like the sharp, stabbing cyst or Endo pain. It's not even as severe as my regular period pain, and I haven't taken any pain meds.

Anyone who's had surgery or an operative laparoscopy: retrieval is a walk in the park in comparison. Of course, if you suffer complications from retrieval, then that's another matter altogether. But I got lucky today.


Carrie said...

Congratulations on your BIG 13!!! Thanks for sharing your ER story. I am hoping mine will be in a month or so, and your description was very comforting... I have had several laps and a D & C and this sounds like it will be much less of a deal. Congrats again-- sperm and egg!

Nicole said...

Oh gosh congrats on your big day today! Believe believe believe in that baby bump!


Anonymous said...

I really hope my ER goes just like yours! Really appreciate the play by play. Can't wait to hear the fert report tomorrow.
Follower, and ICLW

Anita said...

13 eggs! What a nice suprise! I'm glad it went well and really hope you get a great fert report!

Michelle said...

Lucky 13! That is awesome news! Thank you for sharing this. I am excited for you!

KKNY said...

Congrats!! Glad to hear everything went well for both your husband and yourself. Your detailed explanations have eased my mind on whats to come. Hopefully I'll be just as fortunate as you are!

Chelle said...

13 eggs is GREAT!!! Can't wait to hear the fert report!

Hope you have a speedy recovery after ER. Rest easy!!


poppy.f.seed said...

wow, great news on the egg retrieval and pesa! I was getting freaked out by the needle for DH thing, and then I realized we do the same thing with ER and ovaries :)

I hope you get an awesome fert. report.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 13 is great! I'm so glad everything went well for you. It's so surreal when you get that report and know that sperm and egg have met.

Also you made me laugh about the snow boots, I'd forgotten that part of it.

I can't wait to hear more good news tomorrow.


L said...

YEAH!!! I am so happy for you! Can't wait for the fertility report tomorrow.

mekate said...

yay!!!!! I checked in a few sneaky times from work and am so happy to hear of your successes!!! 13 is great, and I am so glad you found some sperm hiding out in there-- hope you and your sweetie are comfortable, that you sleep blissfullly, and tomorrow's report is excellent.

Misty said...

13...that is great, and sperm to boot. What a great day!

cady said...

congrats! 13 is awesome. i've had a lap, so knowing that this is nothing like it is comforting. :)

Seriously? - Erin said...

Oh congrats!!! The 23rd has always been a lucky day! Visualize the bump, I will be reading along to see how things go!

BTW I have been under general anesthesia 16 times (long story) totally love the ridiculous feeling of fading away...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's exciting! So happy for you :)

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wishing you all the best this cycle!