Sunday, February 01, 2009

Uro-logically Speaking

Dr. Hopeful said hubby is a young and healthy almost-half-century, and that in his esteemed medical opinion, he'd be "very surprised" if dh's "good sized" right testicle didn't yield a gazillion sperm. Dh is in excellent health after all, so why am I doubting this will all work out in the end?

He must have keyed into my hopelessness and overwhelmedness with the entire process, because he ended with, "This is exciting," as if to say, "I'm giving you permission to be excited, because the odds are good." Of course, he couldn't - and didn't - say that.

Besides, any amount of time spent on blogs and IF forums informs me the chances of conceiving on cycle #1 and carrying a baby or babies full term are remote - and I'd be foolish to hope for that when the babymaking battle scars are to be seen everywhere I turn.

I've always been a pretty realistic person (as opposed to a fatalistic or overly optimistic one), so throwing that realism away won't be happening anytime soon. I will, however, try my best to conjure up a bit of hope and a smidgen of excitement.

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