Friday, February 13, 2009

Stim Day 5 - time's a flyin'

I had my first monitoring appointment today, and the nurse called this afternoon to say they're upping my Gonal-F dosage to 225. So far, I've done all the injections myself, but I asked dh if he wanted to try doing them tonight, and he said yes. He did everything perfectly, but I could feel the difference tonight - the Gonal-F injection site felt kind of numb and weird afterwards. I wonder if it's the higher dosage, or the fact that I've "lapped" and am now starting to get the injections in places where I've injected before. Who knows. It's like an alien trying to make sense of clothes tumbling in a dryer: fascinating, but it will get me nowhere.

As if I'm not being poked, prodded and stabbed enough, I'm keeping an open mind about alternative therapies, and have scheduled my first acupuncture appointment. Should be interesting. In principle, I like the idea of western medicine being complemented by an eastern approach. We'll see if I give a shit about the yin and yang afterwards. They recommend doing one acupuncture session a week prior to retrieval, another one directly before retrieval, and one directly afterwards. Hopefully I'll be so out of it on retrieval day, that I won't care one way or another.

It's now looking like retrieval could be Monday, 2/23, but the nurse practitioner was hesitant to make any predictions.

Good luck to everyone out there cycling now.

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