Monday, March 16, 2009

All's well except for the oranges (IVF/ICSI #2, stim day 6)

I had a wonderful Nurse Practitioner wield the Wanda this morning. She is one of the kind, gentle nurses who offers up blood test results, follicle size, and other information without being prompted.

My estradiol was over 400 on Saturday and today there are seven follies between 10-12 mm on the left, and two between 9-10 mm on the right. Apparently a few more might be waiting in the wings on my overachieving left ovary. I'm so relieved that everything seems to be on track. Ra, ra, ra follies!

The migraine is gone (hallelujah) and I feel great. The only minor complaints are:
1.) I feel like I swallowed two huge oranges whole. It's pretty darn uncomfortable, and my tummy is protruding like I'm pregnant. Oh, cruel world.

2.) I'm exhausted, and it's only Monday.

This time around has been much easier overall. I'm more resigned to being the marionette controlled by a group of manipulators. It's pretty amazing how easily I relinquished control this time around. If you knew me IRL, you'd be astounded.

Compared to last month's cycle, things are definitely moving much quicker. I'm on 300 iu Gonal-F now compared to the 150 iu start the last time around. The nurse predicted a Saturday (3/21) or Monday (3/23) retrieval. Aah, wouldn't it be simply wonderful to stim for 9 days instead of 12?

On the weirdness scale, an ER on 3/23 would be off the charts. With February and March dates falling on the same days of the week, this month has been a constant stream of déjà vu experiences. This month's cycle started two days later than last month's, but with the higher dose of meds, it looks like I'll be catching up. Not that I'm rushing to relive the BFN.

Last month's retrieval was on Monday, the 23rd. If that is indeed the retrieval date this time around, then the singleton due date for this cycle would be... wait for it... my birthday. Twins would be... on my brother's birthday. I about died when the calculator spat out those two precise dates.

A colleague, who didn't know when my birthday is, told me he has had a recurring dream about me the past two nights. In his dream, he was visiting me on my birthday (close to Christmas), and felt compelled to bring gold, frankincense and myrrh. But strangely, he said, he was visiting me at my house on my birthday, but the presents weren't for me. Someone else in my house was having a birthday. He knew he couldn't afford gold, so he had to find a substitute. Aah! He could bring Gold.schläger sch.napps! But then he realized, I couldn't drink. Hmmm. How very weird - and hopefully psychic of him.


Sticks and Stims said...

Sounds promising!! That dream sounds pretty funny!

Carrie said...

I can be a pretty darn superstitious infertile, and DANG if you don't have lots of good signs (not to mention a ton of great follicles) going for you. I am keeping everything crossed that THIS is your cycle!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Love the dream, btw :)

Anonymous said...

I hope that all signs point to 'yes' for you! Also, I here-here the nice tech who did your u/s...never underestimate the niceness and info giving generosity of someone moving a long stick up and down in your kawho-who.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Love the dream, btw :).

R.J. said...

Sounds like this protocol is working great for you - keep it up. Stimming for just 9 days would be perfect!

Tam said...

Hey, I came over to say Hi and good luck with this IVF, sounds like things are going well.

2 IVF's in a row, brave girl!!

Chelle said...

The dream sounds like a good sign! I am happy the migrain is gone.. those suck.

Thinking of you...!

mekate said...

Great news all around, here's to 9 days of stims and everything seems so well aligned (and freakishly so)-- good luck!