Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The price of frugality (IVF/ICSI #2, stim day 7)

Gonal-F pens come in at least two different doses - the 300 iu and the 900 iu. The trouble started when I had meds left over in the red pen from IVF/ICSI #1.

Instead of starting a new 300 iu blue pen for the 300 dose, I used up what was left in the last 900 iu red pen from last month's cycle. At almost a $1,000 for the 900 pen, that seemed only reasonable. What I didn't take into account, was the belly real estate, and the sensitive tummy from last month's cycle and all the acupuncture.

I've been click counting to double check the dialed vs. dispensed dosage. (Yes, I'm a.nal retentive.) 1 click = 37.5 iu. 8 clicks = 300 iu. The "problem" is that many of the 300 pens contained more doses than what was indicated on the label. So, after dispensing 300 iu, there'd be another 75 iu left over to use the next night. Instead of throwing it out, I ended up injecting 3 times with 3 different Gonal-F pens tonight. 75 iu + 75 iu + 150 iu.

When you add the Lupron, that's 4 injections in one night. Lovely.


Lorza said...

Your poor little belly....but I can TOTALLY understand. Do you have to give it in only the belly, or does it just have to be subcutanous? If just SubQ, you could give it in the back of your arm. That is where I used to give my allergy shots- alternating from my belly. Kinda tender in and of itself...but I would think you are tender anyways. You should call the Pharmacy and ask.


Sticks and Stims said...

I hear you. The "450" gonal f vial actually has 600 units in it - my first IVF they said to take 225 of the gonal f - so I thought that was 1/2 of the vial - so I shot it up even though the syringe said 300 - I thought it was the water that did that. D'oh. So I was giving myself too much but did not realize until after like day 3.

Sorry you had to get stuck so many times.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. You're one tough cookie!

Lorza said...

PS- have fun with the Trigger shot tonight!!