Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Va.ginal suppository hunt, courtesy of Murphy

Sil said... "I once dropped my last dose of Clomid in the toilet. I scooped it out, stared at it, wiped it a bit, and popped it in my mouth. The things we do!"

I can so relate. It reminded me of another Murphy-at-his-best episode in the life of me. As if there haven't been enough amusing anecdotes courtesy of the ever-present Murphy already! I graduated from supression and stim needles to progesterone suppositories last week. Much lovelyness, these little yellow egg-shaped Pro.metrium bullets. All 60 of them. I know how many, not because I read the label. Oh noooo, that would be too easy.

When I picked the pill bottle up by its childsafe lid, the entire contents hopped off the bathroom counter and onto the tile floor like popping corn. They were scattered about with the random intent of a Jackson Pollock. The dog sniffed around eagerly for "bonbons" before I was able to shoo him out safely, close the bathroom door, and proceed with my va.ginal suppository hunt. The floor was a little... uhm... dusty, because I hadn't vacuumed in recent days (hey, I was resting between retrieval and transfer, and then after transfer, okay?!). So there I was on my hands and knees on the bathroom floor (ick!), with even my double jointed arms unable to reach all the places they had rolled into.

I grabbed the closest thing I could find - an empty Ovidrel box! - and raked in what I could reach. After about 10 minutes, the search-and-rescue mission eventually yielded 59, minus the ones I had used. The last one had rolled into a spot underneath our elevated vanity where it was beyond impossible to retrieve. The one that got away. Oh well.

Now my only problem is to... ahem... de-fluff the little buggers prior to... ahem... insertion. It's not like I can rinse them off, so I've been wiping them as best I can and hoping the 2-minute rule applies to them too.

To quote Sil, "The things we do!"


Carrie said...

As I read what your SIL did, I thought, "That is what I would've done!" Try dusting suppositories with a feather duster! How are those little guys treating you? I am in a progesterone study, so I will either be using sub-q progesterone or suppositories- not sure which is better!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, that happened to me in our bedroom during one of our IUI cycles. Man, those little buggers can roll. I found the 2 min rule worked fine and the dust was pretty easy brushoff. But when we rearranged the bed room furniture before this cycle we found about 10 of them rolling around. Oh- the memories.