Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coasting along (IVF/ICSI #2, stim day 10)

Friday - Stim day 10 - ended up being the stim day that wasn't. Methinks I've built up "needle credits" in the universe, and that I was fortunate enough to redeem one last night. No stims, just Lupron. Coasting... what a concept. If I never have to see another Gonal-F pen it will be too soon.

I was so busy at work yesterday, that I only remembered to retrieve the cell phone voicemail with my blood test results and dosage instructions after 6 p.m. Thank goodness the nurse left a detailed message, because the clinic closes at 4 p.m.

Doing a second cycle has changed me. There is a calmness about the whole IVF thing I never thought I'd have the privilege to experience. Actually, it's probably 50% calmness and 50% exhaustion, because there's not much fight left in me after doing 2 cycles back-to-back. Thankfully, this cycle was 2 days shorter than the last one, but I'm twice as tired and uncomfortable this time around.

I'm almost resigned now, just rolling with it. I'm in "whatever" mode a whole lot more. Monitoring daily? Sure, whatever. Electrical stimulation with acupuncture? Sure, whatever. Halving my stim meds twice? Sure, whatever. Unfortunately, the little bit of excitement I could muster with the last cycle is also gone, but I hope to reclaim that after Monday's retrieval.

There's also an overall lackadaisical-ness. To the point where I did my shots a bit earlier 2 nights ago because I wanted to go to sleep really badly. I was a spaz with IVF #1. It felt like it consumed my thoughts every second of every day. For the two hours prior to the shots, I couldn't focus on anything else. The nurse said an hour this way or that way for doing the shots won't negatively impact the cycle, but with IVF #1, I did all the shots at the same time nightly - actually, to the minute!

I was watching a movie last night and realized late that I hadn't done the Lupron shot yet... I had better get my act together before tonight's 8 p.m. trigger.


Carrie said...

Happy ICLW! :)

Wow, you have mellowed (or are just drained) this cycle. With my first (and only, so far) cycle I did my meds to the minute, also, and was a little obsessive about doing everything JUST RIGHT! I honestly think your attitude this time around is much more sane than I was. If there is such a thing as SANE in Infertility! :)

Enjoy your COAST!


Lorza said...

You are so welcome girl!! I am SERIOUS about that coffee- personally I am in heaven here b/c chi-town has dunkin' donuts. We doing have that back home. :) Plus I keep having some liquor infused creation at Elephant and Castle. I must leave before my brain explodes from caffine Overdose. :)

I have not done a cycle yet, but I could imagine how you could be less "overworked" about the shots and such. I REALLY hope this works for you this month. My heart broke a little for you last month.

I am curious about the electrical stimulation with accupuncture...I get a mental image of a Daffy Duck getting electrocuted, and you see the skeleton... hee hee...


c by the sea said...

Hi. I'm here from ICLW.

I hope your laid back attitude(or exhaustion) helps with your cycle this time around. good luck!

Barefoot said...

Hello and hooray for IComLeavWe!

It sounds like things are moving along well for you. I couldn't agree more that a day without multiple clicks from the Gonal-F pen is a good day indeed. I'm revving up for 8 clicks myself tonight -- woohoo!

I hope you enjoy your day of coasting -- looking forward to following along!

K said...

I love your attitude, no if only I could adopted your personality for a month. My husband would thank you!

poppy.f.seed said...

That is awesome!
I agree, 2nd IVF was so much easier than first. I knew what to expect. Still didn't make me want to do more, though :)
Hope the trigger goes well, and you have some good down time.

Nicole said...

I hope you get to wrap up this cycle quick...we can't wait to wait with you!

Happy ICLW!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for wishing me luck on my surgery! Your kind words are really appreciated :)

theworms said...

I hope this cycle brings you a BFP.
Good Luck


K said...

Thanks for your comments...looking forward to your retrieval update.

Sticks and Stims said...

good luck tomorrow!

Jo said...

Yep, that's exactly how I feel. This is my fourth IUI cycle, and my 2nd injectables, and I some days I had to be like OOPS! hurry up and take those meds before that two hour window expires!

Here's hoping this is th eone that sticks.


Joannah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's been a tough week, but people have been so good to me. Gotta take the good with the bad.

I will include you in my prayers. I hope tomorrow's retrieval is successful, and that you go on to have an easy transfer of strong, healthy embryos.

You are a very brave women to do two IVFs back to back!!!

Nic said...

Happy ICLW! I hope this laid back approach works for you. Fingers crossed

Hillary said...

Glad your meds are working effectively and your body is responding well! Good luck!


jon and tracy g said...

Hi! Happy ICLW!

Wow, what a great attitude you have about IVF! I am on my first cycle and am going crazy. I'm on my 8th day of stims and can't wait for this all to be over. I hope this cycle is the one!