Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 3 transfer (IVF/ICSI #2)

Instead of waiting until Day 5, the RE recommended that we try a Day 3 transfer with this cycle. "Your body might be a better incubator for these embryos than our culture media," he said, gently trying to reassure me.

He wanted to look at the embies this morning, and then make a recommendation. We discussed our options telephonically, and there was a lot of uhm-ing and ah-ing before settling on transferring 3 embryos today (rather than waiting until the weekend). My gut was saying Day 3 since last month's Day 5 didn't work. He agreed. I'm a big believer in switching things up.

That resulted in a few panicked last-minute call-ins to work, and driving to the clinic in haste. I called the acupuncturist on the way to give him a heads up that I'd be stopping in unexpectedly. Oh, the drama, because both the acupuncturist and my RE had to leave at noon today. We had to get me knocked up - and fast - but without stressing me out. Try that one on for size.

We were there by 9:45, I had a blissful acupuncture session, and then went to the clinic for the transfer. The RE had other procedures in between, so he was doing a retrieval, then an HSG, while squeezing in my transfer. I'm very thankful for his multi-tasking ability, and never making me feel rushed despite all the other patients waiting for him.

Encounters with the spe.culum are never fun, but it's particularly alarming when they "prep" you and then walk out to get the embryos. I always feel tempted to yell out, "Hey, wait up! Come back here! You can't leave me like this!" The RE explained he wants to be sure he can access my cervix and uterus before they get the embryos.

The RE never leaves me alone - all prepped like that - for more than a minute or two before coming back with a nurse, an embryologist, and our embryos. But man oh man. It's still a pretty darn vulnerable position to be in for any amount of time, despite my husband's presence. And trying to relax "those" muscles while you're "with spe.culum." Well, don't get me started.

As with the last cycle, the quality of our embryos isn't good. My RE didn't sound very hopeful that it would result in a pregnancy, but he said he's seen poor quality embryos turn into beautiful babies, and even twins, so all is not lost.

I'd rather be prepared than have sunshine blown up my skirt.


Lorza said...

Wow- that is some story. I am glad you got it all pulled off! Good luck with incubation. I am sending lots o baby dust your way!!! I have my fingers super crossed for you!!!

Sticks and Stims said...

Congrats on the transfer - it can happen with any number and any quality.

((HUGS)) BTW I started a new blog at

My Endo Journey said...

I really appreciate your blog and sharing your experiences, as my hubby and I will be starting soon. This is so easier for me to get "real world" experience than that little booklet they gave me...I don't even know what half of the stuff in there means!!!

Thinking about you and those beautiful embryo's!!!

hopefulone said...

I am thinking positive thoughts for you.

The transfer is xrated eh, and always a awkward kind of affair. But gives you something to write about...

Hoping your wait is not to hard.

I love the acupuncture too, I always leave there feeling like I just had a massage and ready for a nap.

mekate said...

Hey there! Happy transfer day! My RE said that even ones that do not look ideal can come out swinging, so I believe that to be true. As for you, such calm in the face of hectic wildness! Good for you for being adaptable and also for going with your gut.

Hate that vulnerability of being up and open and waiting and gosh, trying to ignore the metal clampy thingy all up in your stuff is actually impossible. Glad it was only for a minute or two.

Thank you for the sweet comments you leave on my blog. Your support is so appreciated-- truly truly. In response to your question, many folks get a beta test after IUI. But not me. "They" suggested I wait to test via pee stick for my period due date, but that's nuts for someone with IF. So I will test at 12dpo which, not coincidentally is 12dp IUI as well-- unless, of course, I chicken the heck out. Time will tell. Specifically about 6 tomorrow morning.

Carrie said...

Happy Transfer! What a whirl wind of events happening, that hopefully will result in getting you sufficiently knocked up. I have heard so many stories of friends who've had healthy babes from lopsided embryos.

I am hoping with all hope that this is the cycle for you.


Mommy of a miracle said...

I am praying things go awesome for you!

Anonymous said...

Thinking good thoughts for you and your embies!

K said...

Good for you for going with the 3-day. It's also good they've prepared you for the worst...but the reality we all know is that we just DON'T know until we try and neither do any of the best docs in the world.

Karen @ Chez Perky said...

I am thinking of you - Best of luck during this torturous 2ww!

(And I know plenty of "crappy" embryos who turned into beautiful babies)