Monday, March 23, 2009

Retrieval news (IVF/ICSI #2)

You may remember that 13 is my lucky number, and that 13 eggs were retrieved with last month's cycle on Monday, the 23rd. Well, today's retrieval on Monday, the 23rd, yielded the exact same number of eggs: 13.

How very consistent of the universe and my beautifully bloated ovaries. I'm particularly ecstatic with that number, since my ovaries were distorted by ginormous endometriomas just 3 months ago. I never thought we'd retrieve any of my own eggs, let alone 13!

As I write this, I'm acutely aware of so many of you who are contemplating DE, going through a DE cycle, and others who have done multiple DE cycles. Infertility is so unfair, and even as I'm celebrating my victory today, my heart breaks for you. To my friends with Endo who are TTC, if you need an operative laparoscopy or laparotomy, go the extra mile to find the best surgeon money can buy. Seriously.

Dh has much to celebrate today too, as the urologist found sperm with PESA... again! Last month, there was not one motile sperm to be seen after 16 attempted aspirations and four uses of the dreaded gun. We were just happy that they found tadpoles resembling sperm, but none were swimming. Despite ICSI, we ended up with bad quality embryos. Today, lo and behold, the urologist hit the epididymal jackpot.

I was already prepped for ER, complete with IV and heart rate monitors, and anxiously awaiting news. Nothing like sitting there all ready but alone, watching the clock, knowing you'll be ovulating any second, and waiting for news on the sperm front. Tick tock. Tick tock.

My reproductive endocrinologist popped into the OR, silently, but with his hand held up as if to "high five" me. "You won't believe this," he said with a huge grin. "They found lots of beautiful, motile sperm this time!" He went on to tell me how he made the urologist "visualize the healthy sperm" before doing the aspiration. My RE believes in a holistic approach, combines western and eastern medicine, and encourages his patients to go for acupuncture.

"The urologist doesn't believe in that stuff and always pooh-poohs me and my visualizations, but I made him do it anyway!" he said, chuckling. This time, they filled 3 vials with 3 sperm aspirations, and can pick and choose to find the best 13 swimmers to fertilize my eggs.

Hubby came into the OR, gloating. He told me he saw the little guys swimming on the microscope's monitor and how he just couldn't believe it. It is more than 15 years since his vasectomy, and a decade since the failed reversal. We didn't think there were any motile sperm to be had.

Another funny moment was when the anesthesiologist asked me about any prior surgeries. I rattled off the surgeries. "Are you in the medical field?" I laughed, and said, "No." What I was thinking: "No, but I have a degree from"

I soon fell into a happy, Versed-induced "sleep" as Dh held my hand. The ER was over before I knew it. A little spotting, a little cramping, but nothing bad. I didn't need Tyle.nol.

We had left the clinic when the nurse practitioner left a voicemail on the cell. "Nothing to worry about, just give us a call when you get this message," she said. Of course, we worried. We called, and the cherry on top is that they want us to sign a consent form so they can cryopreserve all the gorgeous, extra, healthy sperm. Is this really happening? It feels like I'm living a dream, except I've done my first PIO ever and my hiney is hurting, so it must all be real.

My incredible husband is still on cloud 9. He's the man. Normally, he doesn't say a whole lot on the fertility topic and just kind of takes things as they come, but he can't stop telling me about seeing his own "real, live, swimming sperm!" As in, "not a photo, not a frozen image, not somebody else's. They were really swimming. Fast!"

Can this day get any better?


Carrie said...

YAY for beautiful SPERM!!!!

I am so beyond happy with this awesome news for you. Big grins in Seattle for your reproductive parts-- you guys did great! And some frozen, too. What a dream!!!

Enjoy your leftover Versed. You earned it! :)


Sticks and Stims said...

OMG, that is fantastic news!!!! Congratulations!

Lorza said...

3 Vials of sperm!?!?!? YEAH!! I am excited for you beyond words. YOu have been through so much- hope this is your cycle.

Nichole said...

That is amazing news! Congratulations!

'Murgdan' said...

Hip Hip Hooray!! Awesome. Gooo lucky 13!

Rose's Daughter said...

Yeah for the Super Sperm!!!!!!!!!!!!


R.J. said...

Awesome, that's huge! I'm praying for an excellent fert report for you two.

My Endo Journey said...

Although I don't quite (yet) get all the acronyms....HOOORAY for the great day!!!! I did get that much!!!

mekate said...

YAY Lucky 13! Happy sperm! Hope you are comfy and happy and good! YAY again. Oh, and YAY!

Mommy of a miracle said...

Yay that's awesome!! I am so happy everything is looking good so far!

Nicole said...

What wonderful news and a fabulous day! I hope you enjoyed every ounce of it since you worked so hard to get there.

Can't wait to hear more!

What IF? said...

Thanks, gals. Carrie, your "enjoy the leftofer Versed" comment caused a huge grin.

Allison, you know "Trying To Conceive" and "Operating Room," I'm guessing these are the ones you were wondering about:

ER= Egg Retrieval

DE= Donor Egg

ICSI= Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (when the embryologist injects 1 sperm directly into 1 egg to fertilize the egg)

IVF 40+ said...

Just read your post - congratulations!! How wonderful for you both

Parenthood For Me said...

That is great news for you and hubby. It is nice to hear something positive. I laughed about the medical field thing. My doctor told me to go to medical school I know so much.


Serendipity said...

YEY! Cogratulations! That's really great news.

Anonymous said...

great! life is full of miracles! i wish you lots of luck in the following procedures too. i am now in the process of trying to have a "tube-baby" too. all thumbs up for medicine progress!